Update to 16.xx / Maps is gone after every restart :-/

After Update of my i9300 to e-version 16.xx of 17th april the maps app is away, gone …

Where is it ?-)

I think it was a mistake to update the e-system just before a drive for sightseeing :wink:

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Open the Apps installer and search for Magic Earth.

Äh, thanks, but in the update description is an update of “maps” mentioned. The update to 15.xx made an update of the app without any problem.

I don’t know why it isn’t there after the update, I only know how to quickly get it back in case of need (I don’t use it) :wink: .

Thanks for that, but i know that. The e-version is “Maps” an the installed app is gone with the update, and yes, i can install another app and another app … :wink:

I just installed /e/ 0.15 from scratch on a testing device (Fairphone 2) to be sure …
The icon on the Home Screen is labelled “Maps”, but the preinstalled App (checked in the Settings) is Magic Earth with the Android application ID com.generalmagic.magicearth.
If you install Magic Earth via the Apps installer, it has the same ID com.generalmagic.magicearth, so it is the same App.

I installed MagicEarth from apps now and there is the icon maps again. Thanks for your test and info! But that is not what i understand what an update is when an installed app disapears with it :wink:

I’ve got the same issue on my I9300 after v0.16 update.
I also installed maps (=magic earth) from the Apps store, but when I restart my phone the maps icon is gone again. I also tried to install maps from Aurora Store but same problem !
@pixel, can you tell me if your maps icon is still there after a phone restart ? Thanks.

Arrrrgh. You are right, after restart the icon is gone again. Oh no, what the hell is going on there :-/

The icon is the icon, but is the App still installed?
(I can’t reproduce the reboot issue with /e/ 0.16 now on my testing Fairphone 2, after installing Magic Earth again via the Apps installer following the OS update the Maps icon survives a reboot and Magic Earth stays installed. Seems not entirely device-independent then.)

@AnotherElk, I confirm you that the App Maps/Magic Earth is no more listed in the application list (Setting\Apps)…

You might want to enter an issue into GitLab to let the developers know (and to be able to track what they do about it) …

Unable to find a workaround so I opened a new issue in GitLab…


Same here on SM-G900F aka Samsung S5 plus the message that the APP cannot be found. I’ve downloaded Magic Earth via AppStore.

The case of the disappearing MagicEarth App This was indeed a mystery which came along with v0.16. On some devices MagicEarth also disappeared. Finally we figured out what the issue was. There are 2 MagicEarth APKs : 32 and 64bit. For v0.16 release, we put the 64bit APK . This went out to the 32bit devices as well. Result was the App did not show up on 32bit devices. Like FP2. We have sent out a new dev build of FP2 with the 32bit Magic Earth apk.

From week-17-2021-development-and-testing-updates

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At all the great people behind -e-, thank you for the great support for even this old brick :slight_smile: The last Update works and MagicEarth can do its job again! Thank you a lot!
And at Lionel thanks for opening this issue at GitLab!