Updater notifications: best practice

When /e/ updater tells me that a newer system version is available, is it a good practice to download and install that newer version every time? Does the update process require many steps or is it easy?

The update process consists of the following steps:

  1. Download the new image (click on the download button)
  2. Install the newly downloaded image (click on the install button)
    2a) Reboot into TWRP rescue partition
    2b) Overwrite old image by new image
    2c) Reboot from TWRP into newly installed version of /e/

On my Le2 steps 2a-2c are automatic and take at most 2 minutes.

Installing the latest system versions will allow you to experience the improvements and bugfixes made by the developers, so I suggest that you do it when you can spare a few minutes of offline-time.


Thanks. It worked very well.