Initiation guide "for dummies"

I would like to propose some kind of initiation guide “for dummies” or non technical users, for people (as myself) who are really considering migrating to /e/ but have no tech-knowledge, to be released together with V1. This guide would include basic info (maybe video-tutorials too?) such as:

  • How to install /e/ (I know there is a wiki, but I miss a similar one for “dummies”)
  • How to do a backup of your current smartphone data
  • How to migrate and sync google contacts, mail, drive, calendar, notes… into /e/

And some other stuff you should consider basic for non geeks (suggestions welcome).


Hi @graz it is interesting that you should suggest this. We were planning on something similar. A set of [HOWTO]'s for /e/ users which will be non technical and easy to understand. You should see some of these articles in this section - more will be added over the coming days.


Hi @Manoj thanks for your reply. Yes, it would be similar to the [HOWTO] articles you mention, but all compiled into one document/place [STARTING GUIDE], so first-time users don’t have to look for each one the steps individually on the forum in order to get /e/ properly working with the basic stuff (mail, calendar, contacts…).

Agreed they should be in one place in a systematic manner. Will see how that can be figured out efficiently so that user does not have to search all over the place.

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Good idea, @graz
@Manoj, these are the topics that took me some work, as a ‘dummie’ user, when starting with /e/:
Installation: what is the root of /sdcard
Updater notifications: best practice
Plus the issue with contact import in, still not solved: if we can’t solve it, the best is to tell the user that contacts must be imported exclusively through the android contact app: Bulk upload of contacts to
Vcf import to edrive doesn't work

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I’m working on such guide ‘for dummies’ :sunglasses:

publication is coming :smirk: