Updates for FP2


I am wondering about the absence of new versions of Android R for FP2. There are newer versions available for Android Q. Is this because R is still Beta? If I already switch to R, will I be able to upgrade to stable R once it is available?


I could not find any information about R in the release notes: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases/-/releases

Thanks for your help.

Most probably.

You will be able to update to coming non-beta releases on the “dev” release channel.
You would not be able to go to the “stable” release channel without a new install, but I don’t see a “stable” release channel for the Fairphone 2 anyway … Different Build Types

I think R versions are on hold since a while for the majority of the devices.
I guess developers may fix some issues.
I heard that all R builds were planned to be scheduled early this week, but I assume it will be posteponed…(?)

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Thanks! @AnotherElk @stanwood

That is helpful.

Just received a notification to upgrade to 0.21 R today. It took a bit long time but finally.

I have upgraded from the phone’s updater and so far it properly upgraded.
(You need to upgrade the recovery image first).