Updates on Samsung 9 plus

I have just bought a Samsung 9 plus from the
e foundation, it is still running on android 8. Are there any plans to have an update on the phone itself to Android 10?

If you mean UPGRADE…?

Manually : Yes !

Without formating /data partition : No !

Without data loss : not yet !

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I mean in the system update in the settings.
I don’t know a lot about technology, that’s why I just bought the phone instead of downloading the software.

This called “OTA updates”.
At this time, /e/ won’t be able to upgrade to another Android version, only /e/ ones.
For example, you could get /e/ Pie 0.17 to /e/ Pie 0.18, but not /e/ Q 0.18.

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I am in the same situation and have been complaining about this since I bought my S8. Here is my latest post:

In summary:

  • There is no info on the e-solutions web site saying that they sell phones with Oreo, which is really outdated and misses some key security features. All information on their web site leads you to believe that you will be getting a phone with Q installed.
  • There is an unstable (i.e., develop) build for Android Q, but not Pie, and R. However, there are no step-by-step instructions on how to update from Oreo to the developer build of Q on the esolution phones. A step-by-step guide is needed that a non-tech savy person could easily follow.
  • Based on the responses I’ve gotten on this forum, it appears to be more of a priority to push out new updates of the eOS ROM (which always seem identical to the previous version) and new versions of their iOS-clone launcher than it is to update the esolution phones from Android 7 and 8 to something more modern.

As you can see, I am frustrated. I REALLY want to be able to promote eos to my friends and family who are less tech savy than me. However, given their deceptive selling of phones with Oreo, and the unwillingness to put resources into updating these phones, I can’t. Maybe they will get this right at some point, hopefully before /e/ changes their name. At this point, however, you are stuck with a new phone running Android 8, and that is unlikely to change before you buy your next phone.

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Just to add to your summary … the reason that a stable build cannot be easily upgraded without further work from devs is that Google have changed the fundamentals of the build progressively in Pie, Q and R.

If you want to make an upgrade of Android version beyond Oreo, this requires a manufacturer’s stock ROM to be flashed to the device (in order to reset the fundamentals) before flashing /e/.

In order to estimate how difficult it would be to upgrade an Oreo stable to say, Q dev, one would have to read up on how to flash a stock ROM. Once that is done, you will be in the position of having to do a fresh /e/ install (I know, exactly why you chose to have /e/ pre-install your phone)

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