Updates on the ecloud!

Did you try https://ecloud.global recently?
It improved a lot! :rocket:
Fast webmail access with, onlyoffice updated with a better integration in nextcloud…
And still 100% Google-free!
If you find issues or need improvements, send us your feedback on our community forums!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Yes, I noticed the increased performance yesterday immediately.

First I thought, Jeez! what’s going on now; today I have an extremely good connection to the server. It has never been so fast before. But the good connection lasted until the late evening hours.

So it wasn’t a coincidence, but /e/ did the right thing. Very well done!


Did you implement End to End encryption ?

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Being able to edit documents with onlyoffice in the Nextcloud-/e/ environment was a game changer for me, I could finally ditch Dropbox and I’m very happy.

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Thanks for the impressive work! Ecloud does indeed feel more snappy and the OnlyOffice-integration makes it easy for me to ditch Google Drive completely. I love how well thought-out the /e/cosystem is, especially for a rather young project with big aspirations.

I’ve only flashed /e/ on my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 four days ago, but I feel right at home. Allowing self-hosted ecloud instances proves that e foundation doesn’t need my data for making profit. Thanks for helping me reclaim my privacy, bit by bit! I might stay here for a while. :slight_smile:

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Speedy webmail is essential. Thanks for this update.

It’s now time to dig into this other forever-lasting issue: contact import via vcf file to e.drive doesn’t work https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/155 mentioned in several posts by @harvey186 @JOHAAANNS @Bernd15 https://community.e.foundation/t/vcf-import-to-edrive-doesnt-work
edit: adding @roncos @Superman https://community.e.foundation/t/bulk-upload-of-contacts-to-ecloud-global

It is always going to be server-side. So it is best you use client-side encryption on your own just to be sure of things.

Why do you find that difficult?

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I was asking because it seems Nextcloud is workin on it.

I do not have any difficulty here :slight_smile:

Hello @gael , regarding webmail, can you also link webmail with Contacts please? see open issue in Gitlab in which you and @Manoj have been active last year

Hi @cedricoola it has already been raised as a feature request. The development team will look into it and if feasible implement it.

I hope so. In the issue, Romain removed the milestone 7 months ago. that worried me.

so i edited a file yesterday on the ecloud, a quite big one and left it in the evening this morning trying to open it, i can’t access only office and when downloading the file it is only with the changes until the day before yesterday…

I feel like a discordant voice but it didn’t work out well for me. Attached is a snapshot of the message that OnlyOffice gave me when I tried to open an ods file

Hi Sisco,
You are right. There is an issue since yesterday morning on OnlyOffice. I have reported it to the dev team. It should be resolved today Monday once the team is ‘in office’.


thanks Manoj, I hope it can be solved well

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it works again thanks @manoj and the team :slight_smile: , but the progress from saturday is gone :frowning:

Do you mean any work done on Saturday ? It was not working the whole of Sunday and till now.

yes work done in the evening on saturday is just gone…