Updating OP3 to the new 0.12 Q


I’ve just downloaded the new 0,12 Q ROM for my OP3. I’m currently on the 0,11 alpha
I’ve updated the e Recovery to the last version but performing an adb sideload will erase everything on my phone isn’t it ?

Is there a way with this eRecovery to just update like with TWRP (format system & cache) ?

Hi @Haiemilio, thanks for your post, I didn’t know version 0.12 dev builds were even available! My OP3T has not been detecting any updates. So I went to the docs and downloaded the penultimate dev build and recovery, to give them a shot.

Tried to update the recovery first via adb sideload and it wouldn’t work. Ended up flashing twrp.

With twrp I performed adb sideload of the e0.12-q-20201102 zip without wiping anything. Except just ticking the checkboxes for wiping cache and dalvik on the twrp sideload screen.

Everything went ok and when system rebooted I still had my data and apps, although this is a spare device with not much on it. Also a system update was indicated in notifications, which I promptly downloaded and installed just by following the prompts on the phone.

It went smoothly through to restart, everything present and correct: e0.12q 20201105…etc.

I realise it is not in the spirit of testing to ditch eRecovery in favour of twrp, but I’m getting a bit tired of all this flashing! :wink:

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I finally went back to TWRP too :slight_smile: As you said, happy to test, but I’m not ready to reinstall and set each app everytime.

And I flashed the old fashion way, meaning without any wipe and installing the ROM through the install option of TWRP (not ADB).
And everything works well, except GPS on Magic Earth but a thread about this issue is opened on GitLab. I guess it’s not linked to my install process.