Upgrade 1.8 to 1.14 on XA2 - Possible ? Will I loose my data?

Hi folks,

My XA2 is running /e/os 1.8.1.
I would like to upgrade to 1.14.

When I go to /parameters/system upgrade, it tells that they’re nothing available though.

So I’m thinking of upgrading with “adb sideload…”.

Will this erase my phone, will I loose my data ? or will it be “transparent” ?

Do I need to upgrade the recovery first (also 1.8) ?

Thank a lot for your answers
best regards

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I had the same concern upgrading my “lavender” (Note 7) from 1.8 (dev) to 1.14 (dev - beta). My recovery is TWRP and I did a sideload without any problems: no erased data, all apps are working after the upgrade. As I said: no guarantee for XA2 - but no problems on my lavender.
Don’t forget to save good backups before being brave. :wink:

You should be able to simply save the new zip file to, or copy it to, your microSD card in the phone. Then boot into recovery (TWRP), create a backup just to be safe, then install the zip. This is called a “dirty flash,” and all your data, installed apps, and settings should be unaffected. If the new build doesn’t play nicely with your phone, you can go back to TWRP and restore the backup of 1.8.

Probably not.

No, you will not lose your data.

This is just an update of the installed build. As long as you’re not upgrading from one Android version to another (e.g. Android 10-based /e/OS to Android 11-based /e/OS), nothing will be lost unless something goes wrong. That’s why you always make a backup first, just in case.

Follow the TWRP steps carefully.

… but you do not mention Android version Is a link.

Maybe you are asking about changing from e-1.8.1-r-20230206257804-dev-pioneer
e-1.14-s-20230819321663-dev-pioneer ?

There is an Upgrade page for your device https://doc.e.foundation/devices/pioneer/upgrade. Format data is not mentioned on that page.

As said before, just be sure to have the best backup you feel you need before any significant intervention.



Ok, so backups anyway, got it.

Indeed I forgot to mention Android version. The current version is 11 (corresponding to R).
According to this page (/e/OS version) : https://images.ecloud.global/dev/pioneer/
1.14 is on Android 12 (S). So in fact, there’s an upgrade of Android…
Or am I wrong ?

Thanks all

No, it’s true - but: my upgrade from 1.8 dev (Q) to 1.14 dev / beta (R) via sideload didn’t force me to erase data.
No guarantee - try at your own risk (or not).

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I finally did it !

  • I replaced the /e/recovery with TWRP
  • I did backup on Sd card
  • Then I was able to install /e/ 1.14 after pushing the zip file with ADB (ADB sideload didn’t want to work on TWRTP…). All went good, no errors.

Finallly reboot to /e/ OS 1.14, Android updated, with all my datas/apps/messages/configs/… in place :slight_smile:
(it was indeed reassuring to have the backup)

Thank you all of you for your help and support


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