Upgrade fp3 1.5 to S

I’m trying to uügrade my FairePhone 3 from 1.5 to S (1.14)
I follow these instructions:

5.Run adb sideload /path/to/zip (inserting the path to your /e/OS package).
^this doesnt work:
E:Signature verification failed
E:error: 21

If I try to sideload anyways it stops with:
E:Failed to find update binary META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary

What can I do now?

ADB Sideload needs so-called OTA files. The install files currently offered on the download pages aren’t OTA files (they partly were for a while in the past … the upgrade guide is now outdated, the currently available files match the manual install guide).

However, https://ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP3/dev or https://ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP3/stable will give you links to the OTA files (see the “url:” lines).

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Be careful.
Always before locking the bootloader, check the result from “fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability"
If the result is 0 don’t lock the boatloader as you will brick your phone.

Was this issue observed on Fairphone 3/3+?
I mean, better safe than sorry, but I thought this was more Fairphone 4-ish.

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