S dev OTA update dead end with FP3? Is ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP3/ the solution?

Hi again!

It has been a while since I did my FP3 adb sideload upgrade from Q dev to S dev (“OTA upgrade for Fairphone 3+ not available” forum only let’s me post two links, sorry), avoiding data loss. Now 1.18 S stable is out, but dev isn’t (images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/), also no OTA yet, most likely to the totally understandable “one OS version per device” policy. Using the image file for 1.18 S stable following my past procedure didn’t work.

Browsing the forum lead me to two discoveries in this post https://community.e.foundation/t/upgrade-fp3-1-5-to-s/51698/2?u=:

  1. That I would need OTA files, which can not be found on the download page for the images, something I don’t remember necessary for my Q dev to S dev upgrade.

  2. That there are OTA files for download on https://ota.ecloud.global/api/v1//FP3/dev & /stable

Looking at ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP3/dev and ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP3/stable, I got totally confused.

Not only is there an OTA file for 1.18 S dev, but also for 1.19 S dev & stable, a version that is not even near release.

Could someone perhaps give me a hand and explain the story around ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP3/dev & /stable to me? Which OTA file version is save to use for an adb sideload update? Can I safely use an OTA stable file over my dev version? And why are there OTA files for unreleased versions?

I would really like to be on the updated side of the mobile world, avoiding data loss…

Thank you very much in advance

for the FP3, both files from https://images.ecloud.global and from https://ota.ecloud.global are the same.
and contains

as i understand (bad because i don’t own the device)
the device don’t allow to use “recovery mode” (TWRP or recovery-e)
and you must use “fastboot mode” to install

NO, it is just a prevision in the API, the files are not yet released on the OTA server,
(latest are e-1.17-s-dev and e-1.18-s-stable)

Mmh, thanks for trying, but that didn’t really shed light on the thing for me.

That is, or at least wasn’t, true, as you can see here: https://community.e.foundation/t/ota-upgrade-for-fairphone-3-not-available/46252/7?u=sebastian.

The core question remains, if there is any way to update 1.17 S dev without data loss. ADB sideload would be the way of the walk and has worked in the past, but it does not with the official 1.18 S stable image.

Any ideas anyone? Or do I have to cope with installing everything from scratch?

You should report that here :

maybe something went wrong with the release…

Yeah, I will do that now. I just assumed that the dev channel was cancelled due to policy changes, but didn’t inquire whether that is really the case.

It can’t be canceled since there is no T dev yet