Upgrade from LineageOS to /e/


Is there any chance that I could upgrade from LineageOS (without gapps) to /e/, now or in the near future?

The long story is this.
Thinking to install /e/ on my Samsung S3, I’ve wiped my data from recovery. I thought I’m in TWRP, but I was in the original recovery. Heimdall had these errors that I’ve ignored, because the file was 100% transferred :slight_smile:

Uploading RECOVERY
ERROR: Failed to confirm end of file transfer sequence!
ERROR: RECOVERY upload failed!

So, I’ve wiped my data and I tried to flash e.zip. The adb push didn’t work, but I could adb sideload the file. But, the signature checked failed. Somehow, I got it :slight_smile: : TWRP failed to install. I was trying to install the version for S3 I9300 on my S3 Neo (I9301). I’ve found the right TWRP version for S3 Neo and I’ve installed it. Now, adb push worked for the /e/ archive, but failed during updater-script. I’ve tried to change it, replacing lines from an updater-script extracted from a LineageOS 15.1 image for S3 Neo. Didn’t worked, failed when patching the system, and those files were to big to ignore the differences between /e/ and LineageOS, but reading more, that that image had some know issues, I’ve settled for the LineageOS 14.1 for S3 Neo (without known issues) and install it (without gapps).

Now, obviously, there are more supported devices by lineage OS (officially or not) and an /e/ S3 Neo build seems far away (not even LineageOS support this device), but these foreign builds could be a “helpful jump” to /e/.

Is there any-any-any way to have /e/ on my S3Neo?
Any ideas what I might try?


@jims3 /e/ builds are made by device-maintainers - users who volunteer to build the ROM for particular devices. You can add the suggestion to build for your device here [POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?
If you have build custom ROM’s earlier you can try and build one with /e/ source code. The documentation is available here https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/wikis/build

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There is LineageOS 16 for S3 Neo, so I hope /e/ will come

Potentially off-topic here, but just to take everyone’s fear: I’ve successfully cross-graded 2x Samsung Galaxy S9 “starlte” from latest LOS+MicroG (lineage-17.1-20210118-microG-starlte.zip) to e/OS Dev (e-0.16-q-20210424112062-dev-starlte.zip) without any real issues.

Simply via USB-OTG

  • remove (temporary) PIN lock
  • upgrade recovery TWRP to latest version (twrp-3.5.2_9-0-starlte.img)
  • upgrade system to version mentioned above
  • install ETAR (because e/OS calendar has some limits)
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I am thinking what is better solution at the moment when I would like to focus on privacy on my phone. I own Motorola Moto G7 Power (ocean) and I use LineageOS on it.

option 1:
keep using LineageOS (with MicroG) until my device will show up in the e.foundation devices list with /e/ os

option 2:
install dev build of /e/ os which I am not sure to be a good idea, as this phone is my daily driver

Official are dev builds
But there is no dev build for ocean,
yet only river and lake are officially supported

There is an unofficial build from the community for ocean
[Unofficial Build] Motorola Moto G7 Power (ocean) eOS - Q
Even if there is no automatic update feature for it, You should use @itsclarence 's build

ok, I mislead words, but I thought about unofficial build in fact :slight_smile:
one more question, in this file is os build only? what about recovery? is it okay that i would use Lineage recovery?

It’s OK with AOSP/lineages recovery if TWRP not available