Upgrade path from Android 7.0 (Nougat)


This is surely a noob question, but I’ve been meaning to install /e/ to my Galaxy S5 Neo. It is currently at version 7.0 of Android. The following warning appears on the installation instructions page for my device:

Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is on the latest Android firmware. For example to install to /e/ Q the Android firmware should be Android 10 and for /e/ Pie it should be Android 9

I’m not sure how to proceed. The warning suggests that I must install /e/ Nougat, but the only versions available for download on ecloud.global are 0.15-q and 0.15-q. Am I correct in thinking I need to build Nougat and install? And then build Oreo and install before installing Q?


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It is very unclear in documentation !
But we must understand that we

  • cannot install the “/e/nougat 7 build” on a device running ”stock/oreo 8”, ”stock/pie 9", “stock/Q 10” or stock/R 11
    [the stock-car]
    ( i’have got the image : “Renault Onze ! Rodeo”), [mdr]

  • cannot install the “/e/oreo 8 build” on a device running ”stock/pie 9", “stock/Q 10” or “stock/R11”

  • cannot install the “/e/pie 9 build” on a device running " stock/Q 10" or “stock/R 11”

  • cannot install the “/e/Q 10 build” on a device running “stock/R11”

Stock Samsung Gogol android Q10 firmware don’t exist for the s5 series, even for the Néo G903F !

It is recomanded to update or upgrade to latest firmware avialable and remove any security code before install /e/.

From what I gather, your device is currently on Nougat so to go to /e/ Q I figure you’d have to essentially start from scratch by installing Android 10/Q stock firmware for your device. Once done and all is good, then move on to installing a custom Q ROM, /e/OS in this case.

Basically, does that seem about right? That’s usually the safe bet. Hopping from Android version to version will more than likely result in major issues.
You might want to consult the XDA threads for your device on getting the Q firmware installed.
Please don’t forget to manually backup any precious files from your internal storage because you will lose everything in the process.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo | XDA Developers Forums

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You could search for the latest firmware for your device here.

Latest firmware ensures /e/ is built on the manufacture’s latest base (this is the significant reason for the quoted warning being displayed).

You might search further on whether the phone will adopt Android 10 happily - I have no knowledge of that. :slight_smile:

sammobile is well documented and provide all the archive, but you have to register, and to pay for the speed-download or for the firmware of old devices.

Samfrew provide the archives without account for slow speed dowmload, but only provide update firmware ( 1 file ) and you have to pay for speed-download

sfirmware is faster and without account. it is provide 1 file update firmware and 4 files factory firmware ( filename ends in fac.zip ) but only the latest.

Samfw is faster and without account too, but only provide 1 file update firmware and only the latest + they provide Combination firmware for some devices

So, You can simply install the /e/android.Q build in your s5 neo, on top of your latest Stock Android Marshmallow 6.0.1