Urban Sport Club APP keeps crashing

Dear all,

I use an unofficial build of /e/ pie for Fairphone 2. Everything was working fine till now. Yesterday I installed urban sport club app from e apps. I can login. But after the app keeps crashing(except for one time today). Does anyone have similar experience with that??

Best leon

Hi @Leon as a workaround can you try downloading the app from Aurora Store…download Aurora Store from FDroid.

Tried already aurora and even older versions… No improvement… In worst case I fear I have to switch to LOS + opengapps

Iit seems to me that its related to location search. As the app is asking for permission. When I give it soon after its crashing. If not it keeps asking. I can see mapbox. But something seems to go wrong… Other apps with mapbox work without problem…

You need this app that much that its worth giving away all of your privacy/data?

unfortunately I signed up for a yearly plan expecting the App would work, as all apps till now work for me with /e/… If I now can’t use the app either I would loose money or I would need an additional phone… both not really an option…

found an option installing the Beta version of the App available in Aurora!

Hello @Leon and everyone.

I am also experiencing this with my Aurora Urban Sport Club app too.

But I think it might be linked with maps (I still didn’t manage to make it work)
However I can make it work by don’t using the map view and just using the QR code scanner to check-in into places.

Do you manage to use the map inside your app?


Dear mihira,

I use the Urban Sport Club Beta app. You find it also in Aurora. With this one, the map works fine!

Best Leon

Hi Leon,

I installed the beta app, everything is working, but the maps (just like in other apps with maps)

How do you solve the maps issue?


Hi guys,

I don’t know if this is the correct post, but since the begin I don’t manage to use most apps that has embedded apps installed:

. HappyCow
. UrbanSportsClubBeta
. FahrInfo

I suspect is that they use gmaps on their apps, but I don’t know if there’s any other way to make it work with MicroG and so on.

Does anyone knows about that and has any idea how to overcome this?


Please can you try installing these apps by downloading them from Aurora Store or FDroid.
If they still do not work then it could be an issue with the apps not working on MicroG

With Fahrinfo the maps is working for me without any problem.
With UrbansportsclubBeta it’s also working… very slow though.

Maybe you have an older version of microg or /e/??

I just realised my /e/ version was outdated… I didn’t receive any update notifications.

I am installing the lastest ones and then check again.

After updating the /e/ version maps are working correctly :slight_smile:
Thanks @Leon @Manoj