Urgent app help needed

I and my family have Covid and have been put in quarantine. The medical people are going to come in a few hours to fit us with trackers with a bluetooth connection to Hong Kong’s “Stay Home Safe” app. I can download the app fine, but when I click on it, it closes immediately. I really, really, need this app to work. Any ideas for getting it to work?

Help pls.

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Try to go to Settings / System / Advanced / MicroG / Exposure Notifications.
May need a reboot after installation.

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Thank you. So I just install the most recent dev apk - but it’s giving me a 404 not found. How can I find it?

A 3 week old version can be found - would that work?

@Manoj: Urgent: The download links for the latest microG with exposure notifications (v0.2.24.223616) at https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/GmsCore/-/releases don’t work.

Worth a try, might depend on whether a newer version already is installed.
v0.2.24.214816 didn’t install for me, but the /e/OS version I’m on included the microG v0.2.24.223616 without exposure notifications already.

Thanks for pointing this out. Have passed on to the team to rectify


@AnotherElk @Manoj
I tried the older one, and it won’t install. Do you have an ETA on the new packages? Will it be within the next hour or two?

I checked my microg version and it’s an exact match for e-v0.2.24.223616, specifically v0.2.24.223616-96 (f87cb98)-noen

Update: Got it! installed and now rebooting.
Thanks so much!

Exposure Notifications apk installed, rebooted, installed Stay Home Safe

And it still closes immediately on opening.

What is wrong with this stupid app?

The links have been updated now.

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I have followed (and reproduced in detail, v0.2.24.223616-96 (f87cb98)-noen) your path. The UK NHS Covid-19 app has installed ok but the app did slightly misbehave when I had failed to switch on Bluetooth. (Speculation; the app probably tried to open phone settings automagically, to allow me to switch on BT, but I could already see that BT was required).

I just attempted the HK Stay Home Safe app. It required the camera permission and barcode from “WRISTBAND” which I could not provide (but the scan job did correctly reject an invalid barcode), so I cannot move forward with any further test.

Thank you for testing. Any ideas what settings I might have to change to keep it from autoclosing? If I can duplicate your results, I’ll be ready to scan my wristband when the medical people show up. I’ve tried to grant the app all the permissions it wants, and have bluetooth open.

The first choice I had to make was select language, chose English. Now on reopening I see

version if illegible is v0.10(29)

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Yes. That is how it is supposed to work. My son’s Android phone looks like that. I can’t get my /e/ phone to that point

I have Advanced Privacy fully off. Might Hide my IP or Fake my Location interfere ?

@aibd I turned Advanced privacy off, rebooted, made sure bluetooth was on, installed the app again, and still closes immediately.

What version of microg are you using?

I used my old test phone with an old 2.17 microg, and it won’t stay open to that first menu screen either.
There’s gotta be something I can change to duplicate your results.

MicroG Services Core upgraded from
v0.2.24.223616-96 (f87cb98)-noen to
v0.2.24.223616-271 (9ba392f) now.

Exposure Notifications On
(I see that EN records NHS Covid-19 as using EN, but of course Stay Home Safe has not yet asked to use the API)

Ok. My microg matches yours. Exposure notifications can’t be turned on until an app requests them - maybe that’s the sticking point.

Maybe you could test that by installing any_other_app which requires EN ?

Might you look at it like this ?

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > Stay Home Safe > Storage & cache > Clear storage | Clear cache.

and / or uninstall the app (I would ensure its data was deleted as above) and reinstall.

@aibd Downloaded one, turned on exposure notifications, still have same problem with “Stay Home Safe”

I uninstalled and reinstalled Stay Home Safe. Nothing has changed, it seems ready to accept “WRISTBAND”

I had read this (and the linked .pdf) COVID-19 Thematic Website - Together, We Fight the Virus - “StayHomeSafe” Mobile App User Guide.

I see that permission to access location is also required, but both first time and on reinstall I did not see

allow “Stay Home Safe” to send you notifications

as mentioned in .pdf.

Sorry not be more help, only mentioning this in case it points to anything tripping up the app.

PS you might return to Advanced Privacy and double check that Hide my IP and Fake Location have not stayed active despite AP being turned off.

Checked AP, tried giving it all permissions, even turned off VPN. Nothing lets it stay open on that first screen for longer than a fraction of a second.
I don’t know why it works for you, but doesn’t work on either my XA2 ultra or old-version Xiaomi test phone.

We’re short a phone for the tracking bracelets.