User guide for the Maps app?

The Maps app is good at showing me where I am, but I don’t know how to use it for more than finding out my current location. What’s that little arrowhead thing with distance measuring? Can I measure distance between two points on the map, or my current location and somewhere else? Can I get it to show me my latitude and longitude, or display a map at a particular latitude/longitude?

Is there a user guide somewhere that explains how to unlock all of its capabilities?

The only documentation for Maps is the following one (it’s editable by the user) :

But if you want to perfectly know the app, you will have to play with it and try things.

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Thanks, that’s a good introduction for me. I’ll explore…

Also, there is quite a lot of information if you select 'Settings | Support | Tips and Tricks

The same information is available on the Support section of the Magic Earth web site