Using existing Nextcloud for Sync

Hi folks!
I came across the self-hosting tutorial. From what I can tell it uses Nextcloud as sync-backend.
Since I already have my own Nextcloud instance running, I can simply connect /e/os to it?
Do I have to make slight modifications to make it work?


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You can use your own NC as it is. Add a new webdav account with your server ip and calender and account sync will work. For file/photo upload you will need the nextcloud client.

Pls don’t try setting it up as an e account. It will break your system

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Ah, ok. Thx!
Is there a way to sync settings and all that internal stuff to my Nextcloud instance?
By internal I mean all that stuff that usual devices send to Google, e.g., apps, settings, app settings, wifi passwords…
I found a list that says the /e/cloud account syncs all that stuff.

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Yes, e account is syncing that. But your own NC account won’t do. But. …
there is a bug which doesn’t allow your own NC in e account setup. When this bug is solved, you can setup your NC under e account abd the sync of all.will work :smiley:

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Awesome. Thanks @harvey186. Is there a bugreport that I can monitor?