V1.5 for samsung S8 dreamlte arrived?!

Did for someone else the version 1.5 arrive at your samsung s8? Got a notification today. Did not install yet. Any experiences already?

The build you may be seeing is a test build. Use it at your own risk. It needs to be first tested and bugs on it fixed before it can be used.

Interesting that it just appeared like that. Is there still a major risk (bricking the telephone, getting lost in a loop hole) or are bugs handable?

Take a backup (using TWRP for each proposed partitions) and copy the internal qtorage content to your PC,
to be abble to restore your device as it is today in case of complication.

First flash the test build without wiping anything ( or select “test build abonnement” in settings ).

In this case of upgrading android version (pie to S) along the /e/ update it could be necessary to wipe or format /data partition

… conversely, I suggest you double check that this is suitable for you!

Is it risk free? You will be one of the early testers! Is that what you want?

Quoting from Week 42, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

Samsung s8 /s8+
Pie to S OTA upgrade
ETA October

I’m testing it, but S8 is not my daily driver.

Up to now I see that Applounge do not work with Advanced Privacy on.

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You are testing v1.5 on another device or do you test v1.5 on S8 ?

I would also love to test it, but would like to avoid being lost in loopholes for hours or other problems that take tooo much of my time

On S8, of course. If you are on 0.23 on S8, at the moment you have two only options: either remain on 0.23, without loosing time, or pass to 1.5 and using time to help the community

Great! Upgrade went smooth without problems. Everything is still there! Amazing!


The only things that i notice so far:

My beloved cLock with it’s useful widget (integrated clock, calendar and weather) is gone,

galery doesnt identify my pictures that were already on the phone with v 0.23

App lounge cannot find updates

Btw does someone know.how to accelerate magic erath?

First registration to GPS constellation is always long

Faster GPS from F-droid should help.

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Thanks Leon for your feedback!

Can you report issues that your encountered in a comment there [Dreamlte] Upgrade from Pie to R test session (#15) · Issues · e / QA / Testing Community · GitLab.

It’s worth mentioning that ‘Faster GPS’ requires root privileges to write the modified gps.conf file to the /system partition.

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I wrote this post about a “Fresh start” with Magic Earth. It also includes my personal ideas about getting Magic Earth to come good within 24 hours, hopefully.

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