Very poor network performance and App Lounge freezes on new installation of 1.4

I’ve installed e-1.4-r-20220923220394-dev-xz2c using recovery-e-1.4-r-20220923220394-dev-xz2c on a new Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact H8324. I followed the instructions provided by e and everything seems to have gone well.

However, though boot is successful and the phone seems to work, networking performance is inexplicably abysmal. Also the App Lounge hangs and freezes frequently and won’t successfully install any apps at all from F-Droid.

For example, with my old Android 9-running XZ1 Compact next to it connect to the same home WiFi AP running a speed test, the old phone downloads at 258.62 Mbit/s and uploads at 47.79 MBit/s.

The new phone running e 1.4, however, downloads at a pitiful 0.70 Mbit/s and uploads at 1.93 Mbit/s.

Performance is similarly poor via LTE. Also, simple DNS lookups often fail.

Are there any known issues in 1.4 which would account for this bizarre behavior?

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I think this was for the very simple reason that “Hide my real IP address” was activated. As the Advanced Privacy app itself advises, “While this option is active, your Internet speed is likely to be significantly reduced.” All of this sounds like Tor; maybe that’s what this option actually activates?

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Yes, Advanced Privacy’s Hide my IP routes the traffic through Tor. I also had to disable the feature for App Lounge because of connection speed, regardless of the /e/OS version.

Also please note that there is a dedicated channel to give feedback on v1.4:

Oddly, even after disabling the Hide My IP option, Internet performance is still sub-par.

The old device running Android 9 gets download at 260.16 Mbit/s, and upload at 42.68 MBit/s.

The new device running e/OS/ 1.4 gets 117.39 Mbit/s and 45.98 Mbit/s.

The two devices are sitting right next to each other. The new device (Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact) is genuinely newer than the old (XZ1 Compact) and should be capable of performance at least as good as the old.

Are you able to repeat the test with all the features of Advanced privacy turned off and Advanced privacy off? (or is this what you already did).

I didn’t, but I just turned Advanced Privacy off and rested, with similar results.

This may be due to the band selection on my home network. For some reason the new phone’s dropping to 2.4 GHz rather readily. Will try to re-test with 5 GHz selected.

Yep, that was it. I rather boneheadedly forgot to check which WiFi band was in use. With 5 Ghz active, I now see the expected results regardless of Advanced Privacy being on or not (but obviously with Hidden IP disabled).

Hello, I have installed 1.4-20221013225888 on my Fairphone 3 and although Internet works correctly, I have problems with the mobile network : nobody seems to be able to call or send text messages to me, while I can do it on my side. Any tips on the matter ?