Video Call - camera doesn't hook


Today I received my second Teracube (both 2nd batch, /e/ 0.23) and tried to make a video call between them. This feature requires Mobile Data to be ON on both devices.Pressing camera icon I see video from front camera moves for a second on both phones and then freezes. both phones show black screens with no video.

Making same test with Samsung S8 is better - I see a good quality video coming from S8 to Teracube, but no video coming from Teracube to S8. All three phones sitting on same carrier plan. In fact, it’s a same shared plan. So this is not a carrier plan issue

As I mentioned in my previous post - the “* # * # 4636 # * # *” shows:
Video Calling Provisioned: yes
Video Calling: Available
Camera itself works fine on both devices for photos and video recording in general, so this is not a Teracube device issue, IMHO, but /e/ OS not running camera well during video calls specifically.

Any suggestions and help is appreciated.

I just came across the same issue on my teracube. I could receive video but the person I was calling would not get my video. In the notification dropdown it would say “video paused” or something to that effect on the tile for the phone call.