Visual identities calendar and calculator


Is it planned to review the visual identity of the calendar, the calculator and the clock (stopwatch etc.)?

The idea is not to reinvent the wheel of course, but to review the colors, let’s say the general skin to detach it from Android and attach it to /e/.

And for the calendar modify this presentation too, because the Android agenda is really not clear (for exemple Simple Calendar by Tibor Kaputa - available on F-Droid- is really better in terms of readability).

Yes - that’s in my plans to get more consistency across defaults application. I totally agree with your comment.

As for the calendar, the issue is synchronizing online, and unfortunately this doesn’t work well with simple calendar.

However we will probably switch to “Etar” ( as default calendar app.


That’s wrong. the caldav sync works perfect on simple calendar and also on simple contacts. I and alot others would be very happy to have all simple tools/apps on e as default