VoLTE and 5G working beamble?

Is anyone running a Google Pixel 4a 5G bramble? Can you confirm if both VoLTE is working and the 5G band for calling as well as data when running e OS?

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Just bumping this thread. Can anyone in NA post your experiences with this phone. Is 5G working along with VoLTE?

for 5g industry came up with something called VoNR (or Vo5G) that still uses IMS but does a few new things and does no 2g fallback anymore - my guess: if VoLTE works now on the device, that stuff will work too, as it will probably use the same software libraries talking to the modem

As there’s a positive Pixel 4a (I’m aware sunfish has different SoC to bramble) report for T-Mobile NA that checks the VoLTE/VoWifi marks at [LIST] Features list for devices I think this applies for bramble too

Do a reverse search on the lineage subreddit for broader user voices → Does LOS on Pixel 4a 5g (bramble) support VoLTE? : LineageOS

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Just a bump here. Anyone testing in USA or Canada Pixel4a 5G. Does VoIP work as well as 5G mode?

I would like to answer the question I posed months ago.

I took the plunge last night after downgrading to Android 11 stock (NA) on my bramble. I then installed eOS (e-1.4-r-20220922220394-dev-bramble) using the ABD method.

Imminently 5G worked and I am able to place VoLTE/5G calls, along with much faster downloads speeds compared to my other phone.

After enabling the e/test channel a new update became available (1.5-rc-r-20221017226441-dev-bramble) which I installed. The phone was fully charged overnight, after 6 hours the battery is at 96%.

So the Google Pixel 4a 5G, model: G025E is compatible with 5G and VoLTE calling/networking in Canada anyway, but expect US to work also.

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