VOLTE Compatible Devices

So, Im based in the US and im using a Samsung S9 with E OS, but the US carriers are migrating to VOLTE for voice at the beginning of the year. The S9 is not compatibile with VOLTE with the E OS installed. Does anyone know if the Pixel 4e with E OS installed is VOLTE compatible?

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the issue of 3g voice phaseout in the US came up recently in the wishlist thread and I looked up what the wider community says: npjohnson1 comments on Any T-mobile users? What phone should I get that will have a working VOLTE.

There’s a thread of US users that compared bands, but not VoLTE yet - maybe there is an update or summary to this by those users: TMobile LTE Bands & Phones for use in USA

Edit: @egx470 followed up here Phone recomendation for USA? - #13 by egx470


I can confirm that the Motorola Moto G7 Plus - “lake” works with VoLTE in the US with ATT/Straight talk/Tracfone

I ordered a Google PIxel 4e to test as well.

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Hi @PabloHoffman, thanks for these updates. I am in the U.S. Samsung S9 camp as well and evaluating options for early next year due to the VoLTE-requirement.

Currently my shortlist is the OnePlus 6T or the Google Pixel 4a. Would be greatly appreciated if you kept us in the loop on your Pixel 4a experience- While I am leaning towards the 6T, I must admit the idea of a “de-Googled” Google Pixel strikes my funny-bone! :slight_smile: :laughing:

Thanks again and best regards,

Hey guys and gals,

The Pixel 4a came in today and is compatible with VoLTE using ATT/Tracphone/StraightTalk service provider.

Ill try to edit that doc in a bit. Havent tried just yet.

thanks. I’m not sure when wikientries can be edited, if it needs “user karma”. This is the entry:

humm… I’m trying e/OS on a Pixel 4a and VoLTE is grayed out in the phone info (##4636##). Trying with RedPocket (ATT), I’ve been through their support and they state my SIM has VoLTE configured.

Any thoughts?

Hi Dave,

When i installed on my pixel 4a, service through straighttalk (ATT) I checked this setting and mine was flipped on by default on provisioned. I suspect this is something with redpocket. Might be worth picking up a 35 dollar BYOD sim and one month service for straighttalk to confirm.