VPN poor performance

I have been trying to leverage the built-in VPN feature (Advanced Privacy) since it came out and I’m still having no end of trouble with it. I was hoping v1.3 would bring some improvements, but Alas, no.

When connected to VPN, most of the times the phone can’t get any internet traffic going (no matter which app I use: App lounge, any of my regular apps or even just a web browser) and a significant percentage of the time, the VPN cannot even connect.

I have used the TOR browser in the past so I know it’s slower than direct connectivity, but I haven’t had any connectivity issues with TOR, like this before, so obviously this is something different (and presumably not due to the TOR network).

Has anybody been experiencing similar effects of the VPN feature? Does anybody know if there is anything I can do to improve this situation? Right now, as it stands, the VPN feature is useless (only 10 percent of the time I actually have any connectivity through the VPN, to the internet).

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This post, among many others like this one, can give you some answers…


I seem to remember that there have been other reports where Advanced Privacy appeared to conflict with some pre-existing VPN or DNS.