WebDAV Address book or WebDAV

I want to sync my contacts between /e/ and my home server. I just did it for calendar and it works very well. Now for the contacts I’m a bit confused:

  • in Settings -> Accounts -> WebDAV, I see that sync is active for Calendar and Tasks but also Address Book sync, although I haven’t configured any address book sync yet. Why?
  • in Settings -> Accounts -> Add account, there is ‘WebDAV’ (which I used when setting up the calendar sync) + there is ‘WebDAV Address Book’. Inside ‘WebDAV Address Book’ I see the account that I created for the calendar and my e.drive account. Should I use WebDAV Address book or WebDAV?

The intended usage is, that both, calendar and address book, are hosted on the same nextcloud server and the same account.
I believe, that there happens a bit of automation to test if there is an address book available.

If I remember correctly, for me, adding the WebDAV account was enough to access both, calendar and address book of my nextcloud server.
You can test if your address book already syncs with your server by creating a test-contact on your server and triggering a manual sync in Settings->Accounts and see if afterwards the test-contact is visible on your phone.

Regarding the different and confusing selection options there is already an open gitlab issue: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/Mail/issues/17

I watched this video because I have a Synology server. They add a WedDAV account for calendar and then another one for the address book. For the address book they enter the port number in the url (they login with url). Maybe with a Nextcloud server you add an account by loging in with email address in WebDAV, which sets up both calendar and address book at the same time?

in Settings → Accounts → Add account → ‘WebDAV Address Book’
I select the ‘Cedric’ account that I previously created for the calendar, and I get this (see screenshot).
What do you think? Better to go with the ‘WebDAV’ (instead of the ‘WebDAV Address book’) option, right?

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I see having a separate “WebDAV” and “WebDAV Address book” account is quite confusing. We do need to streamline the “Add accounts” screen.

You never need to use/manage the “WebDAV Address book” account. It will automatically be managed for you. All you need to do is add a “WebDAV” account. Your Contacts, Calendar and Tasks will sync automatically (since your server doesn’t support contacts sync, that won’t sync automatically).

How to use the WebDAV account:

  1. Go to System Settings > Users and accounts > Add account > WebDAV.
  2. Choose one of the 3 login options and enter the required information. Then, click “Login”.

If you would like to know more about “WebDAV Address book” accounts and why they exist, take a look at this: https://www.davdroid.com/manual/accounts/


On the streamlining ‘Add Accounts’ screen there is an issue raised some time back in Git…

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