Week 03, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

v 0.21 testing

Status: :green_circle: In Progress

Internal testing by QA team of the build is in progress.

  • Post the Internal testing build will be released to the Testing team.
  • As part of the v0.21 we expect to release all versions of the OS …Nougat, Oreo, Pie, Q and R as applicable for each device
  • The testing team typically takes about 2 weeks. Post a go ahead from this team the build is released on dev channel. After a week on dev it goes out on the stable channel.
  • To find out what is coming in v0.21 check this link

:spiral_calendar: ETA for release on dev: Last week of Jan (?)

ETA is considering a successful testing cycle with no blocking issues.

To understand difference between the dev , test and stable builds read this guide

Update 21 Jan 2022 Release of v0.21 for all devices is temporarily paused as some issues were reported by users on certain devices.
The team is checking on this and will resume the release once the error has been corrected. Some users may get download errors if attempting to download v0.21 builds in case they are visible in the updater.

OS OTA Upgrade of S9 / S9+

Status: :green_circle: Pending release

:spiral_calendar: ETA: Last week of Jan(?) 2022 along with v0.21

ETA is considering a successful v0.21 testing cycle with no blocking issues.

Development Tasks

Status: :green_circle: In Progress

A summary of issues dev team is investigating or working on

Frequent crashes of Bliss launcher
Refactoring eDrive
Updates to microG Application
Contact groups not syncing with eDrive
Update MagicEarth app
Update Mail App

This is a tiny subset of what the team is working on. Some of the tasks are still under investigation and need to move to the development and testing phase.

/e/ R rollout

Status: :green_circle: Pending release

Closing the first set of releases as planned in the Release plan 25

Upgraded : 81 existing devices

Added : 61 New devices to the supported list

Builds that Failed
Xiaomi POCO F3 / Redmi K40 / Mi 11X (alioth)
Google Pixel 4a 5G (bramble)
Google Pixel 4 XL (coral)
Google Pixel 4 (flame)
OnePlus 8T (kebab)
OnePlus 9 Pro (lemonadep)
Google Pixel 5 (redfin)
Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro (vayu)

Most of these devices were released on Android 11. We had the build failure on these devices only.

:nerd_face: Why they failed and the solution we came out with

As you may be aware, these builds failed when compiled using /e/ code. As a solution, we have made a significant change in our source code. We will now be using the SDK used as an industry standard. This will be a gradual change. We are putting out some documentation to understand this. Will share more details when it is made available to me.

:spiral_calendar: ETA : Last week of Jan, (?) along with v0.21.

:disappointed: The one device we have removed from the build is OnePlus One bacon. We had multiple partition size errors while build for it. Will have to take a call if we can continue support for this device or stop it on nougat and put a flag in our documentation, mentioning it is no longer supported.

:loudspeaker: This year we will come out with a new list which will have names of devices we will upgrade the OS on or new devices we will add to our supported list.


Status: :green_circle: Released
Last week we announced the release of the FP4. The device has been ported to /e/. Now users can

This post will be updated through the week

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


I am hopeful that we can offer an alternative to https://download.lineage.microg.org/bacon/ in due course :slight_smile:

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having an update route for the stable / esolutions.shop S9 users stuck on Oreo is excellent.

From what I gather (~ xda consensus), it still looks bleak on the VoLTE front for S9 Exynos custom roms. Gaël put out a call for help but /e/ didn’t come to any other conclusion than xda at https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1449

The issue came up in the “my wish list” thread recently by a US shop customer.

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The OS upgrade is a complicated affair. Especially since we will all have a number of applications already running with lots of data in them. Upgrading all this data and ensuring there is no loss is tricky. We hope to release this long pending update along with the v0.21 later this month.
And yes, we are looking to add developers to the team. Android , framework, VoLTE engineers there are multiple positions for which the interviews are in progress


For info, there is still no 0.20 update available for eshop Samsung S9 phones. Do the devs intend on releasing this, or will they just skip from 0.19 to 0.21 given the pending OS OTA upgrade?


forget about the 20 and get the 21 when is there soon.

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Sure, but history suggests that the OS OTA upgrade will be delayed!

@Manoj I did not get what “27” meant in your sentence, can you explain please ?

I am quite interested in this topic because I intend to buy a new smartphone in the following months

Thanks for point this out this typo. Have added a link to the supported device instead.

I have a question about my FP4 Installation: it says its already on 0.21.
I “need” the next update about because oft an issue (#4649) that got fixed this week. So will the next one for FP4 be 0.22 somewhen around march?
Just asking, i can live with it for some time.

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an e-0.21-r-updated-dev-fp4 build could be released sooner than the e-0.22 comes