Week 05, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

Can you try and update NewPipe using FDroid or Aurora. There was an issue reported on one of the channels


it’s an issue with Newpipe, because Youtube has changed something on their end. either wait till the update is available, or get it directly from their Github


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Good to know the update to NewPipe is on the way, it happened exactly at the same time as the update so I thought it might be related.

the issue has actually started last morning or previous night but yeah, it’s a freaky coincidence.

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FYI I updated my FP3+ to v0.21 and everything works as before, thanks!

My FP3+ dated up smoothly this morning.
So far no new problems.

Still my Internet doesn’t work properly as I mentioned here, also all else downloads fail (F-Droid etc.).

Thanks for the update that went smoothly as usual in my S8.
But… 2 updates I’m waiting for the issue of the PDF files appearing in négative while in dark theme to be fix and still nothing.

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Updated successfully on the following:

  • Samsung S9
  • Teracube 2e
  • Google Pixel 4a

Thanks again to the /e/ team! :beers:

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I try to catch the update on my spare S9, but even though I try multiple times, at different times, I keep missing it.

Starting this coming week. It should be available full time for all users.


Oh great. I have waited more than one year. A few days is easy. Really looking forward to this. :grinning:


Thank you Manoj, I have been looking forward to this. It will be nice to try the new features.

Hi Manoj, until now there’s no 0.21 update for the beyond1lte, is there a problem with the update? the s10e and the s10+ got the 0.21 update already.

Will check with the team when they come to office on Monday and update.