Week 11 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

I just received a update to e/OS 0.15-20210316105636 and the update went smoothly.

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Just updated my a5y17lte with the v0-15 Q build. Works perfectly fine :star_struck:
Many thanks to the whole team!

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Sorry about my ignorance, but Bacon has 64G of storage… isn’t that enough? Isn’t it possible to do a sort of re-partition or so?

…I see … as “system apps” …

Edit: So we need a “minimal” to go out soonest as “testing” then a post-install script.

My Samsung Galaxy S4 mini GT-19195 is running /e/OS 0.13-2020121089402.
No new updates are found, repeatedly.
Will it be able to be updated to /e/OS 0.15?

Hi Manoj.
To let ye know the OTA 0.15 for dipper does not install on this device.

I hope this is of some help to you and the team.

Thanks for all

Are you able to download the build on your phone.
If you have TWRP already installed on the device the downloaded build should be accessible through the File Manager in the following location
you can move it to a convenient location through the File manger …like the sdcard folder and manually run the install.

This is a complicated workaround and definitely not the way we want the OTA builds to work.

I am passing this feedback to the build team so that they can work on it and figure out why the auto updates are not working.

A bug has been raised for this here .
Pl add your comments or logs to the same.

You are already one step further than me: On my GS290 I only get the top half of the screen plus a “no updates found” :slight_smile:

The OTA update fails on the Sony Z5 compact. It just says ‘Installation error’, no more information.

What version did you have before?

Hi Manoj,

Have you got any news for starlte ans star2lte ? Is thé build OK ?

You probably have to follow step 2 B) from this How-To to do a manual update: [HOWTO] Update /e/

This worked on my S7

Hi Manoj. Thanks for the reply. I have manually flashed that update. Working fine. Thanks as always for your support.

I think I lost the track of the klte (S5 - upgrade to Q). In the week 8 the build failed (Feb 25 update). It is not in the Fix Q build failure for v0.15 (first link of this post). Could you (or someone) light me about it? Thanks.

The new week is just around the corner,
but not yet available via OTA update: e-0.15.q-2021* ‘stable’ GS290

Currently, unfortunately, still “up to date”
e-0.14-q-2021012 ‘stable’ GS290 with security updates Jan. 5, 2021

I just received the update on stable channel on my FP3. Went through smoothly, rebooted and everything seems to work. :partying_face:


Good to know - I really expected this for next week… Thank you for this good news!

Just updated my FF3. All went well.
Thank you to the DEV Team!


Why that, it is week 12. :smiley:

My updater shows the update. :slight_smile:

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