Week 08 : 2021: Development and Testing Updates

This week includes the following two important activities

  • Start of testing for v0.15
  • Weekly release of new devices and upgrades of existing ones

First let me share the list of the New devices we expect to add as part of Week 8

  • Android Q
    • Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (suzuran)
    • Sony XZ1 Compact (lilac)
    • Realme 2 Pro (RMX1801)
    • LG V20 (Global) (h990)
  • Android Pie
    • Nextbit Robin (ether)
    • ZUK Z1 (ham)

Exising devices getting an OS Upgrade are

  • to Android Q
    • LeEco Le Pro3 / Le Pro3 Elite (zl1)
    • Samsung S5 LTE Int (klte) – build failed
    • Wileyfox Swift (crackling) – build failed

The builds for these devices have yet to be started.

Will update on the progress on this thread.

v0.15 Testing
We have initiated the testing for v0.15 with the help of our testing team.

  • list of issues being fixed in v0.15
    this list as you can see has 30 issues marked as resolved.

  • There are a few issues which are still open , we may move them to v0.16 or the next development sprint

  • We usually take a week to complete the testing + bug fixes and retesting.
    That would mean , with everything working perfectly this update should be available OTA for all dev devices by second week of March. Stable builds will go out a week later.

  • There was a list of builds that failed as part of these weekly upgrades these devices include

    On Pie find7

    On Q a3xelte, jactivelte , bacon, gts4lvwifi , hlte, s5neolte , a5y17lte , a7y17lte , m8 , s3ve3gxx , wt88047

    Have asked the build team to include the builds for these devices as well.

    Will be updating this thread on the progress.

Updates on eCloud
Couple of months back we conducted a survey where we asked you what apps you would like to see on eCloud.
As part of it we have added a few apps which you can check out on your ecloud
Login in to eCloud go to your Profile > Settings >> Menu on Left Side | App Order
You should see a list like this

Choose the apps you like :slight_smile:

We will be adding more apps based on what you had requested . The team needs to first test them for viability and compatibility with existing /e/ code.
We will be sharing some documentation to explain what each app does.

Feb 25 Update
Builds that failed

Upgrade builds

  • Samsung S5 LTE Int (klte)
  • Wileyfox Swift (crackling)

Other updates

  • Two new devices being added . Both Sony - Builds in progress

    • Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (suzuran)
    • Sony XZ1 Compact (lilac)
  • Awaiting updates on the list of devices for which builds failed in previous as well as this week.

Easy Installer Updates

  • New version v0.12.1 has been published with following changes
  • Fixed “android debugging”/“usb debugging”
  • German translation added
  • Russian translation updated
  • Remove dead code
  • Add missing javadoc
  • Fix for snap installation bug

Feb 26 Update

/e/ is hiring
One of the frequent excuse I have been making on this forum has been the lack of enough resources to complete tasks on time :slight_smile:. To address that issue w/e/ is hiring skilled folks for different positions. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of a dynamic team pl send in your resume.

Modification to the Testing Process
Those of you who have helped with the testing of /e/ are aware that the way we do it involves flashing a test build manually first. Subsequent builds come in OTA. A return to dev build again requires a manual flash the first time.
We are working on a modification by way of which users will get an option in the developer options. There they will get to choose between Stable, Dev and Test builds and the corresponding build will be downloaded on the device. This should make it easier for more users to help with the testing efforts.

Only point to be noted is that the test builds could be unstable and as such not to be flashed if the device is a daily driver. We will share more details on this soon.

Week 8 devices as mentioned in this thread have been released and are available for download here

Stay tuned for more updates…

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Hi @Manoj,
I’ve just tested the test build for version 0.15 for a5y17lte (Samsung Galaxy A5 2017) available here:

After installing the phone ended up in a bootloop like described here: Galaxy A5 2016 bootloop after OTA update
Hopefully this is fixed with the coming upgrade to Q.
BR, Johann

I have asked the build team to run fresh builds for all the devices which failed during the previous cycles. Will be updating the progress on this thread.

eager to test the build, will it be possible to install it from scratch on a device (i.e. without using OTA upgrade) ? At the moment my phone is running on Android 7.0 Kernel version 3.10.61-13952378.
Thanks in advance for information.

Yes the build will have to be installed from scratch. The version we are trying to build for the A3 is on Android Q . It would require a revert to stock Android 10 for the device and then on top a clean install of the /e/ Q build.

ok how am I supposed to “revert” to Android 10 if my device is only on Android 7.0 ?
are there Android 10 builds available, that I could install on my device (and suppress the other OS installed by default by my operator - not to mention it : Orange) ?

:slight_smile: Revert may be the wrong word here. You will need to flash the Latest Android 10 build for your device if available. This has to be done first before flashing the /e/ Q build. Which ever is the last stock build available for your device.

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In the lineageos install instructions for a5y17lte it is required to install the latest Android 8.0 firmware.
However there is nothing similar mentioned for for a3xelte

Unfortunately, Android 7.0 Nougat seems to be the last stock build available for the Samsung SM-A310F Galaxy A3 (2016).

Should I try to install Lineage OS first, instead ?
cf. : https://www.androidinfotech.com/samsung-galaxy-a3-2016-lineage-os-17-1-android-10/

Thank your all for your advice and help for the perpetual newbie that I am…

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No need to install Lineageos first. Actually /e/OS is a Lineageos fork.
I would suggest to install the latest Version of Android 7.0 stock ROM before installing /e/OS Q. But at your own risk :wink:

Thank you weichselbaumj i’ll do that. And yes, I know the risk is on my side of the screen :wink:

Wow :open_mouth: So many positions. Is there a new investor on board?

However, very glad to hear that e.foundation is evolving.

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Any chance to learn what is happening to the announced builds and especially to failed builds?
I am waiting for quite a while for an update on the Wileyfox Swift (crackling).
Not sure what the above mentioned “build failed” means for me and how I should act to do the upgrade whenever there should be a build that is supposed to work.
Maybe it would be useful to have a generic guide on what is the procedure. When you state that a user should install the last stock Android 10 build on an old device and no further information is given, this is quite frustrating for a user eager to use /e/-OS.

A build that does not compile due to any reason is marked as a failed build in these posts. These builds for new devices or existing devices will be attempted later. We are planning to run these builds after the release of v0.15 which should happen by end of this week.
On the point of installing stock ROMs a generic document will only work in mentioning that the user will have to refer to the vendor and the vendor specific tools to do the stock ROM installation.
For e.g. Xiaomi phones require users to download the latest stock ROM and then use Mi Flash to install that stock ROM. This wipes all user data and settings.
The process will be different for other vendors. We will check if we can get vendor specific Stock ROM install guides added.
Users who have installed stock ROM’s sucessfully can also write guides which we can link to.