Week 11. 2023: Development and Testing Updates

There were 2 OS Upgrades for the FP3. One which was from Q to R and the present one from R to S. Both were completed.

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Does this mean that R-stable users on FP3 can upgrade to S or is it just the dev version that gets upgraded for now?

OTA upgrades are only on stable builds. Dev users can do the upgrade manually or via the Easy Installer where available.


Twelve days ago:

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Thanks for the reply.

@Hermano, I’m not sure that I understand your reply correctly. How exactly is this information helpful?

I’ve upgraded my FP3 stable (using test channel) 12 days ago from Android R to S without any issue. So, when you get the notification to upgrade you can trust and go forward. Always backup of course :slight_smile:



Thank you very much for the clarification.

Thanks to the devs for all of their work. Appreciate it!

one Question:
I use a Fairphone 3+ with the Version (e-1.9-s-20230311268558-dev-FP3). Somehow i cannot enable the LED Notification lights. Is somebody else encountering this Problem, or is it due to my personal settings?

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Have you already tried through Settings > Notifications > Notification LED ?

I haven’t tried to add Apps, but my guess is the shaded lines at the very bottom can be missed very easily :innocent:

Yes. But none of these settings seem to make a difference.

I had the same problem. Have you tried to disable the ‘do not disturb’ option ? My LED Notification reworked after that. Hope it will solve the problem for you.

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Thank you for this hint. I had a schedule for the “do not disturb” option. “Do not disturb” for me is only enabled during night time, but its somehow disabling the notification-led all the time. there must be a bug that interferes with it. Without the “do not disturb” schedule, the notification light works.


Your post reminded me that I was going to post the same thing that my notification edge light doesn’t work on my OnePlus 7T. It worked when I had Oxygen OS but has not worked since I started using /e/ OS a couple years ago. Notification light setting is on and do not disturb is off.

Hello Manoj,
I don’t want to bother, I just want to make sure, I didn’t miss an important step to get the OS upgrade on my FP3 from 1.8.1-r-20230204257076-stable-FP3 to the next OS version. I didn’t get a notification by now…

Thank’s - I just edited my post. :wink:

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Ah, stable. Not out yet, it seems.

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Thank you - so I’ll have to wait. I thought, I missed something…

The FP3 stable should be out on Monday, 20 March 2023