Week 13 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

The highlight of the week would be

  • Releasing builds for devices that have not received v0.15

    The list of devices for which we were not able to release v0.15 was

  • This week we start testing for v0.16

    • List of issues resolved or fixes coming in this build can be seen here

    • One issue noted was some devices especially the Essential mata , FP3 and the s2 were not automatically booting. On the s2 I had to manually run the install using TWRP file manager. Team is looking into this issue and reports it has a fix.
      We should be releasing a test build to check out if the fix works. This fix would impact all of the Q builds

  • An issue on Moto X lux bootlooping while upgrading to Q builds was reported here . On my request he flashed latest Lineage build which also went into a boot loop. Have shared the findings to the build team who are investigating

Will update on the issues that come up during the testing.

  • An issue was raised a few days back reg a message that would pop on the a3xelte , a5xelte and the s5neolte - There is an internal problem with your device. Pl contact your manufacturer'

    The developer has asked users getting this message to run the below command on their PC with adb enabled and connected to the phone .Pl share the output to this issues comments

adb shell
getprop | grep fingerprint
getprop | grep description

April 3 Update
Not much to update this week. The build team is still working on resolving issues with boot-loop on multiple devices especially Q builds.
The v0.16 testing on devices other than Q continues. No issues detected other than the booting issue.

April 05 Update
The bootloop issue in the test builds seems to have been resolved. Got a positive update from testers on the Essential mata PH1 and FP3 trying out the latest test build

Today being a holiday in France expect slight delays to responses from the team :frowning:

This thread will be updated during the week

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I did it and reported on gitlab issue:

adb shell
a5xeltexx:/ $ getprop | grep fingerprint
Segmentation fault
1|a5xeltexx:/ $ getprop | grep description
Segmentation fault
1|a5xeltexx:/ $
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Thanks @saroumane38 will have the developer take a look and get back in case he needs more details

Hi Manoj:

Thanks for the update. Are there any progress with bacon?


As mentioned in the initial thread … builds are still failing on a number of devices …Team is working on resolving the issue. I will update on this thread when there are any inputs.

Hi @Manoj, Here’s what I got from the getprop commands using the TWRP terminal:

getprop | grep fingerprint
[ro.bootimage.build.fingerprint]: [samsung/omni_a3xelte/a3xelte:8.1.0/OPM8.181105 002/25:eng/test-keys]
[ro.build.fingerprint]: [samsung/omni_a3xelte/a3xelte:8.1.0/OPM8.181105.002/25:eng/test-keys]
[ro.omni.fingerprint]: [OmniROM/8.1.0/a3xelte/20200622.00:03]

getprop | grep description
[ro.build.description]: [omni_a3xelte-eng 8.1.0 OPM8.181105.002 25 test-keys]

Don’t know if the readout from an ADB shell would be any different. But it doesn’t seem to suggest any kind of error.

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Thanks for sharing the detail @Grendel if possible could you update the bug with this log …that may be helpful to the developer . Also he can get back to you in case more details are required.

Was call waiting on Galaxy S9+ fixed?
While on a call if someone calls my call drops, and when 2nd call ends it turns phone back on to the first call.

@aibd had the same results as with my A3 device and left his log readout as well 2 days ago, so I saw no point adding my info.

Kudos to you @Grendel that you found the output, when it was not available from my PC! :slight_smile:

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