Week 16 : 2021: Development and Testing Updates

Thanks Pete that would be helpful

@mike_from_ireland Do you have any form of encryption or screen lock enabled on your phone? Screen pattern or PIN?

@petefoth I use a pin for the screen lock. I have not knowingly encrypted the phone, so my encryption settings are whatever /e/ does as default.


I really must try and find out what that is :wink:

When trying to refresh the Software Update tab I am frequently getting

“The update check failed. Please check your internet connection and try later.”

on my Fairphone 3+. I am currently running /e/OS 0.15-20210317106351. Any idea how I can fix that? Thanks!

OTA Update from v0.15-dev to v0.16-dev was successful on my FP3. (Android 9) :+1:

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Successfully installed update on s9 plus.
1 thing i notice is that there is an app missing
Anyone know which one?

Weather app has been removed from v0.16

Any way to remove to widget that now fails to update?

Can’t wait for this!


Thanks so much /e/ team!
The update went through smoothly here on Galaxy S8

Well, I skipped e-0.15-q- and installed e-0.16-q-20210415110657 right away via OTA update.

Thank you /e/ Build Team

On Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:
Upgrade to e-0.16 went well. Had to install manually though, with TWRP in recovery mode, because after trying the presented Install button I had that error ‘Failed to install’.
During the flash there was an error logged 3 times in row (I guess 3 attempts) and it said ‘Cannot find /data directory’ or maybe it was ‘Cannot find /data in ext4 format’. Something like that. But I have not seen any issuue using the phone so far.
Note: I have an sdcard that was made internal (it shows as ‘adopted’). Maybe the error has to do with it?

Does the upgrade with TWRP leave a logfile somewhere, so that I can report the error more precisely?

First, thanks for the efforts!
It happened something strange. A few days ago I used the Updater from the my Fairphone 3+, when the installation finished and restarted said that a problem ocurred and told me to do a factory reset.
This time I used the Ease Installer, everything ok, but now I’m at 0.15q again and the updater doesn’t give me the option to update to 0.16q.

What can I do know? Thanks!

I am guessing that, as you were offered an OTA Update, your FP3+ was on a dev build. So, firstly, you are reporting a fail there! (OR an update on stable was withdrawn!)

Easy Installer installs a stable build, where an untested OTA Update should not be offered.

More info about Different Build Types.

What should you do? This “Development and Testing Updates” thread is only a few days old, maybe you hit a bug? Stay tuned. :slight_smile:


Good day, also eagerly waiting for OTA to 0.16q for FP3.

For the record: At this point it would have been worth to try to just go back to the prior state of the OS before the update …

You can just wait.
@aibd is right, via the Easy Installer you are on the stable release channel now, the update will come a bit later there than on dev.

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A/B device, first time OTA, a little nervous. If nothing goes wrong, I should be able to just click download under system updates and everything is taken care of automatically? Or is using fastboot part of what I need to do every time I OTA update?

More or less. When download completed the process pauses; press ‘Install’ to continue. When installation complete it pauses again.

Press ‘Reboot’ to continue. There will then be a pop-up saying “You are about to upgrade to eOS…etc” . It may give the wrong version number but don’t worrry, it will install the downloaded version number! Seems to be a glitch.


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