Week 16 : 2021: Development and Testing Updates

This week we have an action packed set of updates :slight_smile:

  • The selective rollout of v0.16 will be starting from today.
  • Note: The weather app has been removed from the list of default Applications on /e/OS.
  • Selective as the build has failed on some devices. Sharing below the list of devices on which it failed.

The OS and gitlab pipeline where you can track this build are listed below
The devicecodes are given below the OS version.
To check your devicecode type the device name in our Smartphone Selector

  • The build failed on these devices. These devices will continue on the last working build they currently have.
  • Devices not listed here should get the v0.16
  • List of issues resolved in v0.16 can be found here


  • bacon
  • jfltexx
  • m8
  • marlin
  • sailfish
  • taimen
  • wt88047


  • YTX703L
  • dipper
  • find7


  • j5lte
  • j5ltechn
  • j5nlte
  • j7eltexx
  • j53gxx


  • condor
  • falcon
  • pinebook
  • serranoltexx

Reason for build failure is varied primarily as these devices lack dedicated ROM Maintainers and we lack resources to invest to debug further.
This does not mean we have abandoned these devices. We will allocate resources to work on these issue once they are free from their other tasks.

Dropped from support list

  • Samsung s4 jfltexx
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge zeroltexx
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 zerofltexx

In the last couple of weeks we dropped these devices from our Officially Supported Devices List
The reasons were primarily

  • Unstable builds
  • No dedicated ROM Maintainers
  • Lack of disk space especially in the case of the jfltexx

It was observed that some of these dropped devices are now available as unofficial builds on the forum. It would be great if one of the unofficial device maintainers volunteers to become the ROM Maintainer for these devices. That way we can get them back on the official list.

Making testing easier

  • We are working on a plan to make the process of testing /e/ builds easier.
  • This would mean a simple switch in the Developer Options will change the build type to test builds.
    Advantages are more users can test out the /e/ builds without having to go through a formal process of joining as a tester.
    Switch to test or normal build does not require a format / deletion of installed apps / loss of user data.
    Still working on getting this process right and will share more in the days to come.

Coming soon on /e/

  • OTA OS upgrade As promised some time back the team is working on making it possible to OTA upgrade the OS for all devices. Hope to test this code soon.
  • GSI - we have revived work on getting an /e/ GSI out. As you may recall we had done some work on this a couple of months back. The efforts are being renewed.
    That being said a GSI will only give a new user a glimpse of how /e/ works.
    It may not be a full fledged or all features working version of /e/OS.
    Also it is not a one GSI serves any devices option.
    There will have to be some modifications done for individual devices.
    Last but not the least no OTA upgrades for the GSI.
    Not exactly an option for the non technical user
  • Teracube - We are working on getting /e/ on Teracube devices. As some of you may have read teracube forums have reported development work being done around this.
    No dates set as yet for this release.
    Adding VoLTE support We are working on adding VoLTE support on devices starting with the s9 (exynos) . Calling out for folks with strong development skills to assist in the efforts . Write with details to contact@e.email if you have or know someone with the skills.

eCloud sync error Facing sync issues on eCloud ? Log out and log in with your /e/ mail ID and password. There is a change made by the team this week, which prevents logging in with non /e/ credentials.

Thread will be updated during the week

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Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505 -jfltexx) works with me with ‘official’ LineageOS 18.1. An 64GB microSDXC can be formatted as an internal storage memory extension and apps can be stored on it. I’ve installed F-Droid and Aurora stores and several dozen FOSS apps, including Magic Earth and OsmAnd+ with plenty of maps stored. The system encryption does not work. In return, the OS runs surprisingly smoothly.

Can confirm the update went smoothly on my FP3.


Thanks for the update

Smooth OTA update on a3xelte. :smile: The start up, “There is an internal problem with your device. Please contact your manufacturer” remains, #2840.

Other than this thread, when people run into problems while OTA updating, where will they be discussed? As this is my first OTA on a device that sometimes doesn’t handle OTAs well, I would like to wait a week and observe before upgrading.

Smooth OTA for the S9 from 0.13 to 0.16 as well. One small thing noticed is the update message states ‘your system is being updated to /e/OS 0.13’ (see below) where this must be 0.16. Don’t know if that’s only in the Dutch translation though. Many thanks for the update!

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In my eyes there is no translation error or a wrong display (/e/OS 0.13 - 15 apr. 2021), but your S9 ‘starlte’ works with the /e/OS ‘stable’ edition - and it still runs with e-0.13-o ~ 'O’reo (Android 8.0.0) thus not with eOS ‘Q’ (Android 10).

Only /e/OS build : dev currently works with eOS ‘Q’ e-0.16-q-20210415110657-dev-starlte. While I’ve an S9, it hasn’t been running /e/OS 'O’reo 8.0.0 for a long time, so I can’t check it on the device. After your review, let me know if I’m right or wrong with an assessment, please.

I was actually using the dev build. Flashed my phone based on Galaxy S9 'starlte' + /e/OS 'Q' dev AOSP Android 10. This is the first time I’ve received an OTA for this. So now my system updater shows the version below.

I rec’d notice of the 0.16 dev build for the S9 today as well. I downloaded but it will need to be installed manually since this device has a TWRP recovery partition. Anyone happen to know which folder the 0.16 /e/OS zip was downloaded to (while searching in TWRP)?

I’m traveling this week and I won’t try performing a manual install until I get home :wink:

Galaxy S9+ ‘star2lte’

  • /e/OS ‘Q’ build 2021.04.15 : dev (Android 10)

eos016qdevstar2lte erecov016qvstar2lte

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Hi Manoj & everybody

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (International LTE) running “serranoltexx” 0.13
No update since [e-0.13-n-2020121089402-dev-serranoltexx.zip]
I have just seen an recent opened issue : “Build in failure for serranoltexx” on gitlab:

I wonder if I can help solve this issue ?
I am quite a newbie, but I can help if I am well managed. I rooted and installed my ROM by myself 2 years ago.

Thanks and Bye

I’m writing this message from my Yoga Tab 3 (YT-X703F), freshly updated to 0.16 Pie :blush:

Thanks to /e/ team ! :clap:

@mcmd I have TWRP too on an S9 and was able to update without any extra/manual steps. I’d just try it and see what happens for you.

I’m going to check later if the stock calendar app still has the bug of too many notifications.

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Upgrade failed for me on Sony z5c currently on 0.15 Q. This is my first time attempting an upgrade, so it’s possibly something I’m doing wrong.

Two things I didn’t understand, the update was for 0.16 but the “Apply update” screen said “you are about to upgrade to 0.15”. And the other thing was " this feature requires a compatible recovery or updates will have to be installed manually" - I don’t know what this means or how to go about ensuring I have a compatible recovery.Screenshot_20210420-175351_Updater Screenshot_20210420-175610_Updater Screenshot_20210420-175918_Bliss_Launcher

Hi @mike_from_ireland
I’ve just raised an issue in gitlab about this #3014 OTA Update fails to install. The workaround is as follows:

  1. Manually reboot into TWRP
  2. Choose ‘Install’
  3. Navigate to the directory `/data/lineageos-updates/
  4. Select the downloaded zip file in that directory
  5. Proceed with the installation

Hope that helps!


Thanks @petefoth I’ll give that a shot.

@cornfarmer Indeed it worked, thanks! Just as a FYI for anyone else reading this, if your S9 is encrypted and has TWRP loaded, when TWRP loads it will ask for a password- just hit “cancel” and the update will proceed.


Confirmation on my part that the Samsung A3 update to the e-0.19 version went well using a TWRP recovery to flash the new zip file. No problems apart from the Android error message that existed before.

However, the update on my main device - a OnePlus 6 - was much longer than expected. After the initial download there was a progress bar indicating the installation was taking place, but after a second message about “preparing packages” or something to that effect a further progress bar advanced at a snail’s pace and took well over an hour to complete. As there was no reboot to recovery and this is an A/B device I assume that the installation as to the alternative slot and then I was finally able to reboot successfully to the updated version.

However, as I have related separately, this new installation replaces my TWRP recovery with /e/'s own version and unroots the phone. This made a reinstallation of Magisk a major undertaking. See my post.

@petefoth that worked perfectly, thanks.

As always, thanks /e/ team