Week 19, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

Great news, thanks! I assume v1.0 will also include ih8sn, so great opportunity to test without magisk at the same time.

@Manoj, all Nougat builds are gone. :scream:


Thanks for raising this. Have asked the team to check and restore them ASAP

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Hi @Vance, firstly, I am not certain if the list I made is totally representative of all the devices under threat. clarified below. For instance, quoting from https://doc.e.foundation/devices/n7100 we see at the foot of the page

Maintainers ⚈ /e/OS Build Team.

Edit, (see following post) not an indication of ongoing support.

I did a little research on the device:

Without the device a builder might get stuck. With some community participation a device owner might be able to do some work on this subject, https://wiki.lineageos.org/proprietary_blobs, to see if the device tree could possibly be updated for pie. I do not know if this was already attempted, and possibly failed. More research required.

I have an interest in at least exploring the concept of “Community device support” – it is yet to be seen if this would be acceptable to the /e/ dev team!

@Manoj the job of providing fuller information on my earlier list is proving hard for me (I will continue !) Regarding the above quoted Maintainers being the /e/OS Build Team would it be possible to produce a slight fine tune of my list with something a bit like:

  • /e/OS Build Team can continue to support.
  • /e/OS Build Team has insufficient support ?

@aibd Unfortunately all the nougat and Oreo devices come in this category.

As mentioned, in the initial post if we get a dedicated maintainer we can start the support for that particular device.

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Has VoLTE been added yet? I just got a message again that I have until July 1 to switch to VoLTE or I will have to drop /e/ and go another route…

Metro: Urgent! Enable VoLTE on your phone by July 1, 2022 to avoid service issues. Visit our support page for instructions on how to update your VoLTE settings: metro-tmo.com/volte1 .

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Depends on the device. You didn’t specify.

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Samsung Galaxy S9+

Another thing that would be nice to have, which not sure if it’s related, Wi-Fi calling?

And I guess the feature request I opened for Samsung SmartView (MiraCast)

Yes please add VoLTE

Mine is Redmi Note 4 Mido.

In the US it seems … I think you might want to contact support in this case.

VoLTE has been around since early 2018 on S9/S9+

The current situation seems unimpressed.

Unfortunately, @arroyo.edgar

Unfortunate indeed. Time to look for new phone.

What STOCK FW can I flash on the S9+ (SM-G965N SK version) in order to be able to flash TWRP and root? I’ve heard horror stories on newest FWs that “block” download mode where you can’t flash TWRP?

Hi @arroyo.edgar please can you quote a source for this horror story. Thanks

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Nothing in the post suggests that a device with a fully unlocked bootloader will start to suffer from Prenormal by means of a reliable “latest” firmware upgrade. Follow the guidelines for the device, eg https://doc.e.foundation/devices/star2lte.

The solution for the OP involved an exchange of phones ! He was advised a sane path to take with his particular replacement device. (My guess this was a grey import device imported as Oreo, but the OP upgraded to Andriod 10 (more securely locked now) and a paid for service advised that it now would not unlock.) Other join in but we are not given full background details of their full situation.

Now specifically to you. Do you plan to install /e/ on this Korean model and are you planning to operate it in South Korea? Is the device showing RMM-Prenormal now? (Insufficient information provided.) If it is at Android 10 and a grey import then RMM-Prenormal might welll be a problem. If at 8, upgrade probably inadvisable.

Know your hardware – Samsung # Bootloader locked