Week 22, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

Hi, I have a OnePlus Nord with the 0.23 Q Stable version. I can download the 1.0 installer but when I start the installation process it stop immediately and give me a silent notification with “Install error”.

It is calming down now.
After some cold reboot - camera frozen, the device just went off - it now comes clear with most of the apps. Also Orbot and Tor play allright.
Only Warpinator still hangs without any connection, my other devices communicate fine on it, and the FP3 did also so far.
We’ll see.

I think you will have to do it manually.
But first the build should be made available for download.

Thanks, so I guess it is just possible from the official ROM based on Oreo or Nougat then? Would you mind confirming this, @Manoj ?

Thanks for the sequence info ! Exactly what I needed to know.

By the way, if able womehow, please forward to the team my warmly greetings for the excellent and outstanding work done !

This sounds like Update to v1.0 install error. A fix is in progress, I understand.

I took the plunge this afternoon as well and the update from 0.23 to 1.0 went without any bumps on my Fairphone 3+. The whole process took 45-50 minutes and just 3-4 points from the battery percentage (from 73 or 72% to 69%, now several hours later I’m on 62%). I can confirm that the file manager issues seem to be gone – I was able to delete and move stuff from internal storage to SD card without any problems.


Yes. To upgrade your device or to get OTA updates, you need to be on the official build. Builds are made using keys which are checked prior to applying updates. The official updates will not work on top of unofficial builds.


It should take less time if you keep the screen active while the updater is updating :wink: .

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Hello, thanks for the 1.0.

I had a small problem with my FP3 with this version this night :
When I shut down the phone, and pluged in to charge it (it was at 20% batterie), it doesn’t work at all (no response at all, it did nothing).
I had to turn on the phone to be able to charge it.

Is anyone had this problem with a FP3 in 1.0 ?

Is Pie Dropped for v 1.0 !!

As updated in the initial thread…we are not releasing v1.0 for Pie, Oreo and Nougat.
To explain further, the new apps App Lounge or Advanced privacy have not been modified for these OS. We are looking at devices which we can upgrade to Q / R or the next version S (work to start on this soon). Also, actively looking for ROM Maintainers for these devices. The device code will be available on GitLab, and users with device building skills can still create unofficial builds.

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Just for clarity’s sake … Google has dropped security update support for Pie months ago, but /e/OS Pie still got updated until 0.23 apparently even on devices which have /e/OS Q available for upgrading (manually, if not already covered by OTA upgrading).

Will there be further 0.23 Pie builds with security updates, or is 1.0 required for getting any further /e/OS updates from now on?

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Jesus … that is still the case? :flushed:

Thank you for clarifying!

I’m puzzled : I have an FP3 bought before Murena sold them. Installed myself /e/OS and got OTA updates untils recently (0.23-* now)… So… what should I expect regarding 1.0… Am I stuck on unofficial build and will not have 1.0… is there unofficial builds of 1.0… Should I reflash everything ? Sorry but the process is really unclear, I fear.

I’m glad Murena phone customers can benefit from 1.0 earlier… but AFAIK I’m also a customer paying for my ecloud.global, and participating to testing the OS, etc. … so I’d be grateful if /e/ updates are also for me even if I bought my FP3 before you guys sold them.

Thanks in advance.


In the case you downloaded the FP3 ROM from /e/'s website, you are on the official build.

The reason you cannot install 1.0 (I think, why would you post this if you could) is probably that you are on the build based on Android 9, which will not receive 1.0 (see quote below).
Android Versions 7 and 8 (or Nougat and Oreo) are legacy versions practically discontinued by /e/ because they do not have capacity to manage so many versions and devices at once (that’s where the unofficial versions come in, by the way).
Android 9 (or Pie) will be the next discontinued version and you can now feel that coming.

You have two main possibilities:

  1. Stay on 0.23-q until the in place upgrade to Android 10 for FP3 comes. This will probably be a long wait and also include massive security implications. If you do this, you should definitely not use the built in browser anymore, because like the included Apps of /e/OS, it’s only updated with the system.
  2. Do the switch yourself. If you do this, you should consider directly upgrading to Android 11 (R), however this is only available as the development version (see here for more info).

Thanks for these details.

How may one know how to check this exactly (I did download something somewhere, but have long forgotten, then) ?

I have an S7 SM-G930F with an E dev version installed on it V 0.20-o-2021121051039-dev-herolte.

I read " s7 / s7+ upgrade will be released on v1.0 build."
Does this mean that I can upgrade from my 0.20 to a V1
I’m a bit lost, I don’t understand since it seems that with Oreo and Nougat there is no upgrade.

Is it possible to install a Q or R version on it?
I can’t find the file to download to do it.

Thanks for your help

Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version
… has all the info about your current build.
From Android 10 on the info there can be long-tapped and copied to clipboard (to paste it into a post in this forum, for instance).