Week 38, 2023: Development and Testing Updates

And it will only available for “stable” build, right ?

Thank you for making that clear.

Yes stable build. Updated the previous post.

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Would anyone of the team (e.g. @Manoj) be so kind to have a look at the mismatch between zip and (recovery) img versions at e.g. https://images.ecloud.global/dev/a3xelte/ to initiate an update to a state of correspondence!?
(As far as I’ve seen, this concerns each and every dev folder containing a v1.15 zip)

It’s seems to be OK pour the S9 (starlte): https://images.ecloud.global/dev/starlte/

This is just one exception (to the rule). In this case the recovery imgs of v1.15 are simply missing …
(And to omit them generally is not an option, cause (according to the install docs) they are usually needed on first install of the OS …)

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Not fully clear for me!
1- I see my Oneplus8T kebab is in the list of the devices getting the /e/OS T build
2- You say that the T build will be available with the 1.15 release
3- When I check my phone update parameter, it is indicated that I’m running the last release (1.14s)
4- When I check the documentation for manual upgrade, it is specified that I have to download the last T build
5- When clicking on the link of the “T dev” build I discover that “T-dev” means “S-dev” : e-1.15-s-20230916331435-dev-kebab.zip

So I’m a little bit confused :exploding_head:

After carefully make all my backups, I decided to download e-1.15-s-20230916331435-dev-kebab and give it a try. So it works fine with the latest security upgrade of Android12(S)

@Manoj I imagine you have to update your initial post, by explaining documentation will be fully accurate when T builds will be available.

/e/OS T builds or v1.15 roll out is as yet not complete. As mentioned in the inital post the complete roll out will go on for a week - till 26 September. We are releasing a few builds for select devices each day.
The documentation for the T builds has already been published. Unfortunately we cannot selective release the documentation. So please wait till the roll out is complete to be able to download the T builds.


Thanks for your swift answer😄

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Hi Manoj, I bought my FP3 ca. 1.5 year ago from Murena because I wouldn’t dare to install /e/OS myself (I managed it once on another phone with a lot of help from great /e/ forum users). This means I am now indeed worried that there might be no further OTA upgrades for the FP3+. I don’t necessarily need to have the latest android version but if you stop maintaning previous versions - I would have to buy a new phone to have safety patches etc. In another post on the idea of the Bliss launcher you wrote “/e/OS has always been targetted at the non technical user.” - this is just to confirm the importance of continuous OTA upgrades at least for devices you have sold at the Murena shop. I suppose it is really hard work to provide such OTA upgrades - but I really hope you will manage to also include the FP3 for further OTA upgrades (I had bought it to use it for a long time). Finally thanks again for all the great efforts! (from a non technical user :slight_smile: )

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Thanks, I had read that information, too - but I am not sure whether it would include the FP3+ too. And my comment was also meant as a general remark on the extremely high importance of OTA upgrades for non-technical users. If Murena had the policy to only offer OTA upgrades to the devices they currently sell at the shop then the FP3/FP3+ would be out.

Edit: I am on 1.13-s-20230724313396-stable-FP3 (Android 12) - so my direct question refers to OTA upgrade for FP3+ to /e/OS T (Android 13). But I think it is a general question how long can you as a non-tech user expect such OTA upgrades for devices you bought from the Murena shop. Or: If there is no OTA Upgrade - when will support for previous versions be dropped. In this situation non tech users would have to live with an outdated system or learn how to update manually (via Easy installer or more difficult ways). This could be an important whether to buy such a device or not.

Can you share your e/OS version?

Sounds like /e/ are not sure. Have to wait. Maybe good news, maybe not.

Regarding a useful backup solution, I just tried to address that here with a new approach: [HOWTO] End-to-end Encrypted Full Backup and Restore Solution for /e/OS using Termux and restic
Hope this will help someone, I myself made that guide in preparation for my upgrade to /e/OS T and wanted to give something back to this great community :smiley:

OTA OS upgrades are always the first option the development team works on, especially when it comes to devices we sell on our Murena Shop. This goes without saying especially when it comes to Fairphone devices who have set a very high bar when it comes to sustainability and long term vendor support. What all users need to understand is that this requires some serious development activity to happen as all existing user data and applications should migrate to the upgraded OS with zero data loss. This takes time. Will share news of any OS OTA builds once I have something positive to report.


Thanks for the detailed answer, totally agree with the fact that it takes a lot of developers time. The follow-up question being, what is the priority given to these tasks compared to others? Does it also take time because staff is occupied doing something else, like the new Memories app? Personnally I would prefer that the priority is given to ensuring sustainability and avoiding the need for non-technical users to change phones every two years by lack of support. Unless the staff has all the resources to do everything at the same time!

It does have a higher priority for us as the vendors themselves move to A13.


Thanks for clarification. I would like to give an suggestion for improvement:
When saying

Devices for which A13 or /e/OS T is being released will need to upgrade manually to get the T build

it is not clear, that FP devices will treated in another way. Your clarification (‘This goes without saying…’) is needed ‘with saying’ for all users that are unconfident 'cause of their lack of technical affinity and there are always new members of the /e/ community that are not familiar with this.

So I suggest saying something like:

The T builds have to be installed/upgraded manually. We work on OTA updates at least for devices that we sell on Murena Shop.

This would prevent any questions about this in future.

And to make it clear: It is absolutely understandable that building an OTA migration process takes more time and work than providing the build. So I guess everyone should be perfectly fine with that.

Thanks in advance