Week 39, 2023: Development and Testing Updates

The task is marked as complete in the plan. Will check with the team once they are in office and get back with the response.

Update: The OS OTA upgrade build should show up only for those on v1.14 Q build and it will upgrade their device to v1.15 R stable build.


Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ update to Android 11, in addition to a firmware update

Is there some place that lists the issues addressed by the firmware update in the OTA R release ?

I’ve already updated to 1.15 Q (Samsung Galaxy S9)
Will the update to 1.15 R (Android 11) not trigger OTA now?

It’s depends, are you in stable or dev build ?
The OTA upgrade to 1.15-R for the S9 (starlte) is only release for stable builds at the moment.

I think stable. Is there a way to check?

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So it seems I’m on dev version so will not get android 11…

Is there any way to switch to stable without formatting?

e-1.15-t-20230918331436-dev-starlte is out !
if you are on dev branch, you can now get a T build based on Android 13
simply download it and reboot to recovery to apply
(if you already have one of the latest Q samsung Firmware installed, check the baseband version in -->settings -->about and compare to https://samfw.com/firmware/SM-G960F : last four letters are for /version /year /mounth /release)

some concerned users claim not, but i don’t understand why…

hi piero, thanks for the info, one question: how can i install the latest samsung firmware? have i to go back to stock rom?

you also could flash only necessary part “BL” bootloader and “CP” modem

Got the 1.15-r-20230814330641-stable-star2lte OTA update.

A straight forward, successful update, thanks very much.

This version includes the firmware update?

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Hi @piero, technically how do you proceed to flash the BL and CP part of the firmware with the e-recovery as is not propose “flash” button in the main menu, maybe in “advanced” menu ?

no, use Windows Odin.
or untar the .TAR files and flash the included .IMG files using Linux Heimdall

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I suppose if you have the lastest e-recovery on your phone this point should be OK. Can anyone confirm this ?

Update 28 Sep: Some builds are still not complete or may not be showing up on the images server. This includes /e/OS T builds and recovery files. The team has been informed about this and is working on resolving the issue. Shall update on the progress.


Pixel 4a Sunfish [e-1.15-t] appeared an hour or so back, but there’s no recovery listed alongside.

Will there be a T specific recovery or can the [recovery-e-1.14-s-20230819321663-dev-sunfish.img] be used?


Same story with the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Wanted to update that the team is still looking at the issue of the missing recovery zip files.

Meanwhile some users are reporting that the sideload of the T build was successful. Getting more details.

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Made the system upgrade to e_star2lte-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20230915.083737 dev-keys
Samsung Galaxy S9+
Everything seems to work

OnePlus 8T is also still missing the recovery image. Unfortunately; I do not think it is possible to flash without it, because it needs additional partitions.

Hope the missing file will be available soon, have been eagerly waiting for /e/ T for quite some time.

Thank you!