Week 42 : Development and Testing Updates

v0.19 : Pending release

Status: :yellow_circle: Slight Delay

  • Testing started on 23 Sep.

  • Issues closed

  • Issues open

  • Release delayed as 15+ UI related issues were added for fixing

  • Developer has made the changes and the build would be initiated and tested on Monday. Post a green light from the testers the full build will be initiated for all devices. Expect to release early this week.

  • Release first goes on dev channel and after a couple of days on to the stable channel for devices which get stable builds.

To understand difference between /e/ builds check this guide

/e/ R rollout

Status: :green_circle: On Track

Update 20 Oct Week 42 devices have been released

 > List will be updated in case the build fails for specific devices

:information_source: Installation Tip for /e/R
> Devices with Stock 11 ROM should flash the stock ROM first before flashing /e/ R .
Pl note this will wipe out your existing data. Take backups if required.
Manual upgrade is required as the default Updater application does not upgrade the OS and on detecting a different OS tends to block the installation. Read the next section for details

> To find your device codename you can run this command in the console of an adb enabled PC with you phone connected via a usb data cable
> $ adb shell getprop ro.product.device

OS OTA Upgrade Testing

Status: :green_circle: On Track

  • Release planned for stable s9 s9+ users who are still on oreo

  • OS OTA will not work for the dev Oreo s9 / S9+ builds.

  • Update will work only on the variant with ‘F’ in the device codename which is the international variant for e.g. SM-G960F

  • OS OTA will not work if the device is the Korean variant …denoted by the ‘N’ in the device for e.g. SM-G960N

  • Release planned in a couple of weeks. We had an issue where if a fingerprint was set to unlock the device before upgrading it got lost post the upgrade. We have a fix for this and the code is merged with the build before release to all stable build users.

  • We are also working on adding more devices in the OS OTA upgrade project. To start with it will be devices we sell on our eSolutions Shop.

  • ETA for S9/S9+ release for all users 2-3 weeks

eCloud App testing

Status: :green_circle: On Track

As you may be aware the eCloud is a fork of NextCloud. NC has a host of apps for it users. Even though the eCloud is a fork of NC it is not exactly a copy-paste activity for us when adding new NC applications. The process requires a round of testing to evaluate the newly added app is not conflicting with existing /e/ default applications or code.
To test apps we add on eCloud we are creating a team of volunteers. You may have read this notification
The first app we will be testing would be the google data migration app. We have received names from a couple of volunteers to test this. Each app has it own set of requirements like in this case the user should have a google ID …ideally an account where there is some data that we would want to migrate during the testing.
The testing should start ASAP . Will update on the progress of this testing

:loudspeaker: Murena - our brand name :loudspeaker:

Yesterday we declared the new Brand Name. It is Murena. For more details check this post by Gaël

This post will be updated through the week

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Just out of curiosity, why don’t you just use Nextcloud, instead of a fork? It seems like you are creating more work for yourselves than is necessary. I also doubt that you will backport al the new changes that Nextcloud makes in the future.

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Forks are required as the code has to be customized as per /e/OS requirements. There will be changes in the UI and changes or modifications required to sync the NC code with default applications available with /e/OS. This is also why we need to have a round of testing before releasing the new apps. This process also requires us to understand how our existing infrastructure will handle this increase in user activity on the ecloud.


So we will see Munera instead of /e/ everywhere? On phone, site etc?



Or …


But generally forks are not a good thing. To paraphrase: “If forking an upstream repo is the answer, then you’re probably asking the wrong question”. Generally it is better to feed useful changes back upstream. It should be noted that a lot (most) of “the default applications available with /e/OS” are also forks of upstream open source apps, and the same applies to them.

The changes that I know of in /e/'s forks are of two types

  1. “de-googling” the code. I am sure most of the upstreams would welcome patches that made them less reliant on Google.
  2. changing the UI to match /e/'s default theming and colours. Again, I think most upstreams would welcome patches that make it easier for their users to apply themes and colour schemes.

I would be very interested to know of any functionality added in any of /e/'s forks that could not be handled by implementing changes and feeding them back upstream.


Users with developer skills can check the source code for changes and initiate the process to send it upstream. I know for sure that the developers in the team are hard pressed to find time to do this themselves, bogged down as they are with bugs and improvement tasks. Also would like to see how open minded the upstream is to accept changes we made specifically for /e/.
The last update I had was none of our changes were accepted by the upstream developer. Do not remember which app fork that was… will have to go though the old emails.


I second that. I use my /e/-Phone with Nextcloud … I don’t see an advantage in forking Nextcloud. I would like to have the /e/ needed functionalities if not available in Nextcloud as a Nextcloud app so I can add it to my Nextcloud.
Calendars, contacts and files are already supported, a backup option would be great.

Seeing the other post about splitting /e/OS ([FEATURE PROPOSAL] Split /e/ OS into separate components for core OS, Apps and UI changes, Cloud services) I would like to have the option in accounts to add either eCloud or Nextcloud (or both).

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Because /e/ Cloud is much more that a single-instance file-sharing Nextcloud :wink:
It’s not a fork, rather a customized NC, as @manoj explained earlier.

Please see Files · master · e / infra / ecloud / nextcloud · GitLab about /e/ Nextcloud, Files · update-to-nc20 · e / infra / ecloud-selfhosting · GitLab about whole infrastructure.
Note : these are for self-hosted, /e/ official Cloud is even much more.


Please can you explain what “more” /e/'s fork is? Or maybe a link to the post where @Manoj explains (I couldn’t find any explanation). /e/'s NextCloud instance looks very similar to the latest release of the owndrive.com NextCloud instance that I have been using for several years. The only difference I see is the theming. It looks like a ‘fork’ to me :slight_smile:

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I think there is a confusion here between /e/ Cloud and /e/ Nextcloud, which is only a part of /e/ Cloud :wink:
Please take a look to available services for /e/ Cloud here : templates/docker-compose/docker-compose.yml · update-to-nc20 · e / infra / ecloud-selfhosting · GitLab

/e/ Nextcloud is not forked (please see it’s Docker build file here : Dockerfile · master · e / infra / ecloud / nextcloud · GitLab), but it’s customized to integrate into /e/ Cloud (for example please see custom_entrypoint.sh · nc-21 · e / infra / ecloud / nextcloud · GitLab).

One can also ask herself how is it possible to use the same credential with /e/ Nextcloud and /e/ email :wink:
Long answer made short : they share the same MariaDB, so yes, /e/ email is also a “/e/ customized” Dovecot/Postfix image.

I remember there is a slide-show somewhere about the whole /e/ infrastructure, but can’t find it …

@manoj post here : Week 42 : Development and Testing Updates - #3 by Manoj
Not sure the term “Fork” is appropriate … Maybe it is for Google migration tool ?
But anyway, a highly-customized Nextcloud may be as much difficult to maintain as a forked one.

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Can you briefly tell me when 0.19 R will be released for my Oneplus 5?

Pl can you check the updates given here