Week 51, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

Regarding Samsung S8/S8+: Does the missing comment regarding the two issues means, that there is a progress and an OTA upgrade can be expected? Is there a rough schedule in behind?

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We plan to release the OS OTA upgrade build of s8 / s8+ with v1.7 - early Jan 2023


Some builds are still in progress.
Eventually we will have to take a call on the number of OS versions we can support. Maybe only the latest will be supported. Users will have to manually upgrade or where available use the Easy Installer. It becomes difficult to maintain older OS versions as compatibility issues with applications crop up.

Hello Manoj, xz2c on R is still missing v1.6.

/e/OS ‘S’ and ‘R’ versions will fill a major gap in the GSI landscape. All renowned and also lesser known GSI developers build exclusively GSI builds without support for signature spoofing and / or without built-in MicroG and FLOSS replacements of GAPPS, but in versions like Vanilla (i.e. no GAPPS), with regular GAPPS, with Android Go GAPPS.

/e/OS ‘Q’ GSI is a highly compatible operating system and usually all elementary functions run on suitable smartphones and tablets. Especially the newer Android tablets will benefit from the /e/OS ‘S’ and ‘R’ GSI versions and will get a great chance to be degoogled.

Hi & thanks for your great work!

Unfortunately, on my FP3 Q (1.5-q-20221031230909-dev-FP3) the OTA update to 1.6 is still not available, not to mention an OTA upgrade from Q to R.

Any idea what might be the problem?

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OTA upgrade is only available for Stable builds.

Mmh, this means, that as an early adopter, installing /e/ when Q was still dev only, you never where updated to the stable channel, but remained dev. I never realized that until now. That seems to unnecessarily complicate updating and upgrading, because one is now stuck on dev channel without OTA updates or the possibility of OTA upgrades.

I really love /e/ and the effort that is put in it by its team and community, but I hate the prospect of completely setting up my phone once again. Meeh, but well, it’s worth the effort^.^

For me, that means never dev again. Anybody who flirts with the dev build of S should also keep this obstacle in mind when choosing.

Biggest issue is when you have a locked bootloader. If not you might sideload the dev S (maybe also without data loss). Others have tried and did spread the word on the forum

For the FP3 stable build, the OTA upgrade from 1.4 to 1.5 automatically also was the upgrade from Q to R. There was not option to OTA-upgrade from 1.4q to 1.5q in stable at all.

My bootloader is unlocked, can you provide some links to the posts concerning successfull sideload upgrading? I would really be interested in upgrading without data loss. As of now, I am not happy looking at the best practice upgrade process: First installing stock FP3 Android 11, than installing /e/ R stable, total data loss included, building my phone up from the scratch…

Hmm in the search I can find this post:

I remember also someone else, it is either in the weekly updates or in the version feedback, the person went to S, so it was around when S was released.

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I’m curious, why don’t you upgrade to S ?
I’m using xz2c with 1.6 S and it’s working fine on my side…

The USB port of the device became unrecognizable using it with a computer. I can charge it with all Type C cable with PD but connecting it with the same to a computer will not recognize it it only charges. Not beeing able to sideload anything anymore (e recovery has no installation from SD card posibility and flashing twrp can not be done), I decided to buy a secondhand Pixel 4a and install a stable version on it. I ordered a new USB port to replace it bymyself but I have no idea if it will work afterwards.

Here is the other one:

And yesterday it came up again around here:


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^o^ Thanks for your effort! That one is actually an answer to a similar post by me in said thread. I already am thrilled by the idea of the proposed Android Backup and Restore project, that sounds like something I have longed for quite a while. I think I will give it a try today. If so, I will report back the results.

Hi @Manoj,

I know I’m a bit heavy with this but do you have any information about an upgrade from android Q to S for the samsung S9/S9+ in OTA?

It’s quote “Ongoing” but with a green dot (maybe an orange one is more approrpiate :roll_eyes: ?
Samsung s9 / s9+ is quote as completed ? But what is completed ? R to Q maybe, Q to R, R to S ? I really don’t know and it’s a bit confusing to me :slight_smile:

Thank for your help ^^


I just did a upgrade via adb sideload from Q dev to S dev (yes, I changed my mind on dev) and am marvelled: No data loss, all apps have been kept and so far everything works fine (although I haven’t opened and used every single app by now). Didn’t expected a manual update to be that easy!

Thank you for your tips and encouragement!

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If one app doesn’t work you might need to re-install it. Because it still uses old API’s. I remember something like that when S7 got an OS OTA Upgrade.