What about Fairphone 3+? I dont get it

Hello. the last days I read a lot of OAT Updates for the FP 3 and so on, but i didnt read something about the 3+. Actually I thought, in the end of october it would be supported. I am wrong?!

We should be releasing the /e/ OS FP3+ builds by the 2nd week of Nov.


Hello, I don’t want to make anything harder for the support team (emotionally speaking), and I am really grateful for the software you provide us… for free!

But: how does it come that we have no answer from you about the corrupted update of Oct. 30 that we have been discussing about for 2 days…

I can imagine that you do not have the solution immediately, but it would be appreciated if you could join the discussion, tell people what you know or don’t know yet, what they can do in the mean time, how they could help to the investigation, etc.

Also, I would have hoped that the dev would be on the starting blocks after releasing a new update. And maybe especially if it is a test version, since it does not seem to be rolled out to everyone.


/e/ Developers do not get on the forum to answer questions. Usually the support team members pass on the user issues and share the response. I will be updating on the reasons behind the build crashes in a post on the forum once I have all the details.

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Thank you for your answer.

Where should we post about this?
Supposedly on gitlab issues (even though I thought you said in Fairphone 3 : Update that for device specific, we should stay on the forum*), but I answered an open issue on that subject, and did not get any reactions… which makes people in my case wonder if we are being heard.

* I was talking about this

where I understood the “can be reported” as “cannot, if it weren’t the case”. But I suppose I’m wrong :wink: