Fairphone 3 : Update

To /e/-Fairphone 3 users: we have pushed an OTA update that fixes the sound issue with some audio calls done with applications such as Signal or Telegram.

Please update /e/ OS: go to Settings->System->Updater and refresh to download and install the latest release of /e/ OS from our servers.

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Perfect ! Good job team :slight_smile:
Update takes time for me (20min :smiley:)

thank you for the quick fix :slight_smile:

It worked!!! This is so amazing, thanks so much for fixing this. :heart_eyes:

Thx, /e/ support,

I did update my Fairphone3 without any problems in probably 15 ~ 20 minutes.

Nice job!

Thanks to you /e/support.
Update done and it’s working fine.

Great job, I’ve updated without any issue.
Working perfectly on Fairphone3.

Apparently, for the Fairphone 3 there are “dev” releases and “stable” releases …

… with the “dev” releases being offered via the FP3 install instructions, while users buying FP3s with /e/ preinstalled by the foundation seem to be on “stable” releases.

What are the differences between the two release channels?

Why do the install instructions for users installing /e/ themselves only offer “dev” downloads, not “stable” ones?

Are there plans to make “stable” releases available for download, or to add a setting to the updater to switch the release channel?


The dev and stable releases are based on the same code base.
The difference between the stable and dev builds are

  • Stable builds are flashed on devices we sell from our eShop
  • The builds we have are test - dev - stable
    • Test builds are what our testing team gets on their devices
    • Once they complete the testing and release the build it goes on to all users as dev build
    • After running for a couple of days on user devices the same builds are again tested and if no issues are detected the build is now sent out OTA for users who purchased from eShop
    • New eShop devices also get flashed with these ‘three times’ tested builds
  • That also means the stable builds frequency will be slower compared to dev builds

Hope that clarifies the difference.


Thanks for clearing that up. Can you confirm that the stable update of June 9 contains the fixes for the sound issues? I tried Wire and it seems to work fine with voice calls now.

Hi, a few days after the update, there are many bugs… Can you confirm ? In Apps, install or update application, Apps crash just after downloading.
In Files application, when I delete a file, I got an error (about a translation)


The /e/ Apps installer still tends to not work reliably, I experienced this, too, and don’t use it anymore.

Alternatively, you can install https://f-droid.org for Open Source Apps (that’s where the /e/ Apps installer gets those, too), and one of those is Aurora Store, which you can use to install and update Play Store Apps.
For safety’s sake, you would want to invest some time in Aurora’s ignore list in the settings and let Aurora ignore everything you don’t want Aurora to touch, leaving only the Apps you install via Aurora.


Yeah I know, I already have these 2 stores :wink:
Apps works well before the update, that’s why I put a message on the update dedicated discution :slight_smile:

Issues with Apps Installer are not specific to FP3 . Those issues can be reported on Gitlab. Provide details such as which app did not download and error that you encountered while installing or updating it.

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The fix was specifically to resolve the sound issues. Is there any option which is not working for you with the latest build.

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Is there a way to get the stable builds for FP3 that are not from your eShop?

btw. I tested 2h videochat with jitsi on weekend. Works smooth and fine. :slight_smile:


Stable builds come with the eShop devices. The download of the stable ROM is not available for non eSop devices.

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That’s very very sad. :frowning:

Well, I for my part haven’t had any issues with the stability of the dev builds yet. :wink:


Perhaps the “stable” builds skipped Speaker alway on after one call with “hands free mode” on FP3, which was quickly fixed with another update one day later.

I learned from this that I have to resume testing core functionality after updates, same as with LineageOS.