What about Yunohost?

Hi, long time ago (in a galaxy far far away : the Yunohost forum) we spoken about possibility of integrating /e/ self-hosting in the Yunohost panel. Has the project progressed? Has it ended? Can we use Yunohost coupled with /e/os to host our data? Is it on the go? Is there a dev planning to do this? Is this on the roadmap?

Can you answer to all of these ? Also, it is possible to connect /e/os to a simple NextCloud instance, not the modified NextCloud on /e/'s GitLab ?

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is it not already possible to self-host /e/ because it is Nextcloud…?

Yes. It’s already possible to install your own /e/ server but there’s no integration with Yunohost and the installation process is quite complicated even with the install script. So I’d like to know if it’s possible to make /e/server a Yunohost package. This will help many people who are not familiar with Linux Shell cause Yunohost made it as simple as a one-click installer.

You can check Yunohost at https://yunohost.org