Decentralize ecloud with and

Hello awesome people from /e/ @gael

Together with people from and we develop decentralized cloud solutions for non-tech people. We use Yunohost servers personally and for our associations. We also plan to provide a decentralized alternative to WhatsApp. User-friendly smartphone OS and configuration of synced services is important to us.
There were already some posts 1 2 3 and a won’t do gitlab issue about the topic some time ago.

From this issue we understand that /e/ wants to further integrate apps in the future, which may be difficult to develop with the current YunoHost paradigm. There were some recent progresses in ecloud-selfhosting, and thus, a Yunohost dev’ re-analyzed problematic points. Here we see that in the current state, only small work would be required to enable ecloud management through Yunohost.

Could you consider working on this initial compatibility together and then keep backward compatibility to encourage ecloud decentralization? e.g. enable installation of nextcloud on a subdomain and auto-discover it.

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PS: I just received my Fairphone 4 so we will be able to experiment as soon as /e/ is built