What are the best applications (or what you find the best)? List here what you use or recommend!

File Manager:
Gallery app:
Music player:
Video player:
Mail app:
App Store:
Weather app:
Calendar app:
Photo Editor:
Note app:
Something else:

Basic rules:
The application should have no trackers, it must be open source (or FOSS) and very complete in functions, not too basic.

If there is something else, you can add to the list and make it more complete. There is “something else” option for that.

No need to use what is installed by default on /e/, however, if you find that the specific /e/ application is so good and should be mentioned, you can put it in the list as well, but if you consider there is something even better, you can also put in, it’s up to you.

I haven’t done my list yet because I’m still searching for good options, so can’t say what is the best without having enough knowledge testing different options. :upside_down_face:

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Browser : Firefox (for PWA) / Firefox Précieux
App Store : Fdroid
Calendar App : Simple Calendar
Note App : Notes
Mastodon/Fediverse App : Tusky
SMS/Messaging App : Signal
Launcher : Lawnchair


@Gregoire. Unfortunately various versions of Firefox have trackers. I don’t know if the specific version you list does or does not track. Also Lawnchair has issues; it logs in to Google; it has non open source code blobs. You could look at Librechair which is working towards an open source version of lawnchair.

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Have you tried Lightning Browser? It’s available on F-Droid and based on Firefox. It has 0 trackers according to Exodus report.

I have tried Lightning Browser a while back but development stopped and wasn’t really comfortable using it anymore. However there was a new release just a month or two ago which I haven’t tried yet, but in my experience is very neat and light browser.

Actually I’m a fan of apps that do one thing, and one thing only, without too much fuzz. They keep things simple, organized and lightweight. For instance I use Simple Calendar, Simple Gallery, Simple Music, Simple File Manager, etc.

File Manager: Simple File Manager
Gallery app: Simple Gallery
Music player: Simple Music
Video player: NewPipe, default LOS for offline videos.
Browser: Fennec F-Droid, Bromite
Mail app: ProtonMail edit: app is not foss
App Store: F-Droid
Calendar app: Simple Calendar
Keyboard: Default LOS
Note app: Standard Notes
Maps: Maps F-Droid
Messaging: Silence, Telegram

I left out quite a bit of proprietary apps that I still use, either because of lack of a better alternative that I haven’t found yet or because I simply have to eg: Whatsapp, Gmail, Play Store… In the past I’ve tried using two separate phones but it’s too distracting and annoying to keep swithing between phones for your daily life, it just doesn’t work for me, hopefully I can switch 100% soon

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Keyboard: Anysoftkey. I discovered it with /e/ and enjoy it ever since. Switches easily between installed languages.
Notes: the /e/ standard app. Just what i need.
Browser: is Vivaldi Beta a valid answer? I use Vivaldi desktop on my pc. They just came up with a mobile version. This mobile version is notably similar to the default /e/ browser. Same base, I suppose?

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