What does /e/ do about security like GrapheneOS does?

Are there any future plans to care also about security and not only about privacy?
See for example GrapheneOS.


GrapheneOS’s security and privacy project

Hello @x0tester0x, I can see your interest there, unfortunately, it is easy to guess that it is not the main priority, especially because a big part of the security model will be device specific(encryption, secure boot). The actual goal here is to support a lot of devices and to create a the first stable release. This would mostly go against the developers objectives. Also, the more the /e/ project create new code, the more time it have to spent on each android update. But maybe they should consider using some parts of graphene since the code is open.

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OK, thanks for the great explanation. So after /e/OS is stable, you could also implement some security features, that would be great. For example only for some popular models like the Fairphone. :slightly_smiling_face:

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