What does "/e/ support" stand for on this forum?

Hi all, question as per the subject (feel free to move if there’s a more suitable category): if I see “/e/ support” next to a user’s name, does it mean that that person is an /e/ support employee, someone otherwise authorised to provide official answers to queries, a user who earned the title for their forum activity, anything else? TIA.

Hi @reb77 the ‘support’ you see against the names of some of the users on this forum means they have volunteered to help with the support activities on the forum. They were asked if they would be able to spare some time to help with the queries. The reason they were asked is they participated a lot on the query resolution across devices and were found to be helpful by users.
In general all users or any user who has knowledge about a particular topic can pitch in and help. Most of our users do help with their answers. For it is not possible for any one person to know solutions to all issue on all the supported devices.