What happens to support for an Oreo device when Oreo goes end of life?

I mean, I’d like to use this phone forever, but what happens when Android no longer creates updates for Oreo?

Will support, for the device in question, then be bumped up to Pie?

If not, then the device effectively would become a brick, unless the user doesn’t mind not having security patches, right?

I’m not sure what e.foundation is planning. But I also don’t know what Samsung or Huawei or xiaomi or all other companys are planning or google itself. As far as I know google is planning a new phone os , fuchsia.

What I mean is, that you will never know how long your device will supported.

Yes when Google will stop the support of Nougat, no security patch update for this version anymore.

So yes like you said the solution is to upgrade to Oreo, Pie or Android 10.

And at that point, it would be up to /e/ developers on whether they would develop an upgrade for devices to the next OS?

I’m just trying to understand the likelihood of needing to buy more phones down the road.

Thank you all for the info.

Buy one of these in… 3 years or so? It should be ready for normal daily use by then, Or maybe one of these next year. Either way, Linux never goes out of style…

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