What is the current work flow with "work profile" and Shelter


I was reading @harvey186 Aug 2019 HowTo about installing WhatsApp under another launcher and Shelter.

Is that still the current state of affairs? Or are work profiles in Bliss Launcher implemented?

Going back a step: What are work profiles? And how do we use them?

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Shelter works nice in Bliss Launcher. Maybe with a little delay till the icon of an program activated in shelter appear in Bliss. When you deactivated an app in shelter, the bliss launcher continue to show it until the launcher refresh itself (or you can force it by clicking in the zombie icon in bliss after you closed it in shelter).

…It wold be nice to have a force refresh button in bliss.

The different profiles (personal and work) have independent gallery, files and contacts, so you can run yours less orthodox apps in work profile, without sharing information of the personal profile, and vice-versa. I like the fact that you can put all the work profile apps to sleep with easy: you can put an icon of shelter that close all the apps; or you can just deactivate the work profile (and so the apps in it) via status bar icon.

My bank app is in shelter, for exemple, and works nice. As I use it one time per week, It doesn’t need to be visible in my bliss desktop all the time. So I suspend it after I use it, and activated it in shelter when I need it a week later. Therefore, maybe it can be used as a resource manager too, or a “desktop” minimalizer :wink:

And other options: you can choose if you allow apps “in shelter” (in the work profile managed by shelter) to access the internet when they are in background for exemple.

Worth the test…

Yes profiles are implement in the Bliss Launcher. Specifically with this commit . You should be able to use it with Shelter.

Thanks for the info.

I downloaded Shelter and used this video to help teach me how to use it.

Thanks for sharing your personal experience and what it is possible to do with Shelter.

Sounds great to me!

Hi, I wanted to add a suggestion and question on this topic. I have set up Shelter and put those of my apps (bank, gym and Spotify etc.) that have any trackers inside the work profile. So far so good!

The remaining challenge is how to see the shared google calendars of my colleagues at work (doesn’t seem to be possible to do it via DAVx5, since the calendars are not public).

The current solution that I had in mind is to use the GApps Browser inside the Shelter work profile and log into google calendar from there and then logging out and freezing the work profile side afterwards.

I have done some first experimenting, trying to follow the entire process through NetGuard inside the work profile. I did not log in to anything yet, but used google maps and translate and did not see any calls to 8.8.8. etc in the Netguard log, which I think is strange…

Just wanted to check if someone else is using a similar setup and what your experiences are.

Nice ideas. I am also thinking about using Shelter due to some apps which I seem to be needing on daily basis. @manfp for maps I would advise to give a try to OsmAnd and for translate - Deepl :wink: Regarding using a webbrowser for Google Calendar I think it should work. You will have than have it closed inside the browser :smiley: I’ve tried to user MS Teams in the browser but each privacy browser (even in PC mode) receives feedback that I have to use an app. I need this messenger for university as all chats and materials are provided over there. I am thinking about Google Chrome browser to check but as it it Google browser I am not too much convinced to this solution :thinking:

I also used shelter for banking apps. Works fine except for biometrics recognition. When I change the work profile to my own fingerprint, it NEVER recognizes my finger.
Any help?