What is the effect of using the MINIMAL_APPS flag when building?

I would like to try and make a Custom build with only a minimal set of apps. The current docker image uses an environment variable MINIMAL_APPS. This was apparently made available in the v0.11-nougat release, but the ‘Improvement’ to which the release note refers (https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1681) is not found in the issue list so I can’t look and see what changed.

I would like to know which apps and components are included in the minimal build, and whether the flag will have any effect building for other branches (e.g v1-q). If not I guess I will have to follow @harvey186’s excellent ‘Quick&Dirty solution’ :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help and advice.

For now, variable MINIMAL_APPS’s removing LibreOffice viewer, PDFViewer, Maps and Weather.


A couple more questions:

  1. Does the MINIMAL_APPS flag work in all branches, or only nougat branches?
  2. Can the list of included apps also be manipulated using the CUSTOM_PACKAGES variable?
  3. Is there any other way of changing the list of included apps?
  1. in all branches
  2. yes
  3. more or less. @harvey186 made a script which can help you, in that post.
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And a final few questions before I start building

The HOWTO Build /e/ wiki says

If I make a build using the MINIMAL_APPS flag:

  1. Do I have to call it ‘Custom’ rather than Unofficial?
  2. If so can I use the forum to make other users aware of the build? and
  3. How do I go about removing the /e/ logo?

If I were to make something even 'more minimal, by removing apps from the CUSTOM_PACKAGES list:

  1. I know that I need to have Bliss Launcher otherwise the ROM won’t boot, but are there any more ‘must haves’? I seem to remember reading in the forum a while ago that either Notes or Tasks was also needed, but I can’t find that information now. My ‘candidate list’ for inclusion would be
    GmsCore GsfProxy FakeStore com.google.android.maps.jar BlissLauncher MozillaNlpBackend AccountManager Camera eDrive NominatimNlpBackend DroidGuard OpenKeychain Apps

Thanks again

  1. I think that since it is an official flag, you could put MINIMAL on it but it won’t catch on. So use CUSTOM.
  2. Sure!
  3. I don’t know
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If you have to build MINIMAL for image size reason, I think you should call it UNOFFICIAL or MINI

If it is a free choice you must call it CUSTOM or MINI

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