What is the real current android security patch for fp5 latest stable version?


I would like to install /e/ on my fairphone 5 but while reading the notice, I saw that the android security patch for the latest stable version was 2023-10-06. My fp5 run on the 2023-11-05 android security patch so if I would try the installation process, it would trigger the anti-rollback feature.

However, while reading the release note for 1.18-t, I’ve noticed this:

:warning: Security fixes
This /e/OS v1.18 includes the Android security patches available until November.

My question is which information should I trust and what is the precise date of the android security patch for 1.18-t (beside “until November”) ? To know if I can proceed to the installation.

Thanks in advance!

Checking with the build team. Will update

Update: The v1.18 release for FP5 has the security patch dated 2023-11-05. Have asked the team to update the documentation.

Usually, the updates to the document are done along with the build release. Thanks for pointing out the error.

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