WhatsApp won't use local backup in Shelter

Hello everyone,
has anyone managed to install WhatsApp in Shelter lately with a local backup?
I have the problem that WhatsApp does not find the local backup during setup, but only tries to get a backup via G00gle.
What could be the reason? Does WhatsApp in Shelter not have enough rights to detect the local backup? Have I overlooked a Shelter setting?

So, this is how I did proceed:
Backuped the whole /WhatsApp folder to my laptop.
Copied the folder on my FP4 (0.21-r).
Copied the folder via FileShuttle into Shelter to /Android/media/com.whatsapp/.
I installed WhatsApp and never had the option to restore the local backup in the setup (I gave WhatsApp all requested permissions).

Any ideas or suggestions?

Many thanks in advance

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Have a look there: Whatsapp and local backup in Shelter - #13 by knefl - Discuss - Fairphone Community Forum
That solved my problem with local WhatsApp backup in Shelter.